Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

Inline water filter review and healthy recipes

Trying to decide if an inline water filter system is right for you and your family? Sometimes the best way is to read or watch reviews.

Personal reviews and testimonials are a great way to find out how people are using a product. They often highlight the best features and benefits so you can make a more informed decision on a purchase.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Janet Bugden from the health and wellness company, Arbonne Australia trialling our Platinum and Vanity Inline water filters over the past couple of months.

Janet has been creating vlogs about her experience with the water filters and sharing how she is using her new water filters as mum of a busy, health conscious family of four.

You can read about her bathroom Vanity inline water filter experience here.

filling water bottle

With two young boys Janet is loving the ease of having fresh filtered water direct from her kitchen tap.

Her boys fill their own water bottles every day before school, making Janet’s early mornings that much easier!

Having a new inline water filter has also opened Janet’s eyes to the many benefits of filtered water and she has discovered that drinking filtered water at room temperature is better for her health.

Plus, an added bonus…Janet is finding that she is drinking more filtered water during the day because it is so easy to fill her glass straight from the tap! Watch Janet’s video review to see just how easy it is.

Janet has also been inspired to create some new recipes involving filtered water.

Check out her easy stewed fruit dessert and simple hummus healthy snack.


Janet’s Stewed Apples and Pears Recipe

What you’ll need:

3 large green apples cut into medium pieces (skin on)

3 large pears cut into medium pieces (skin on)

1 cup of water (straight from your Water Filters Australia tap!)

1 tablespoon of pure vanilla essence

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

2 tablespoons of organic brown rice syrup

Put all ingredients into a saucepan and bring the boil, then simmer until soft (10 minutes). Serve hot as a dessert and use any leftovers to top warm oats in the morning or send cold to school for your child’s fruit break

Janet’s Simple Healthy Hummus

hummusYou’ll need:

1 can of chickpeas, rinsed (with filtered water)

1-2 cloves of garlic

1 tablespoon of tahini

1 tablespoon of olive oil

Juice of half a lemon

1-2 tablespoons of filtered water (straight from your Water Filters Australia tap!)

Add salt, pepper  and a dash of cumin to taste

Blitz in a blender and enjoy with crackers or veggies!

Need a water filter system. Just purchase online or call one of our friendly customer service team.

Travels with my water filter – the Corin family

Meet the Corin family – Douglas, Satomi and sons Tim, Tony, and Jack Corin.


In April 2017 they set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

A road trip around Australia with no return date! It’s the stuff many dream of… usually after the children flown the nest. But the Corin family have their three children in tow… in their Jayco triple bunk caravan!

They began their journey from far north Queensland and travelled south to Sydney, across to Broken Hill and down to Victor Harbor, South Australia.

WFA caught up with the family in South Australia. With two on board water tanks and a separate filter water tap, the family were already accustomed to the taste of filtered water, especially because Satomi (originally from Japan) enjoys making sushi on the road.

They were ready for an upgrade and WFA sent them a replacement RV water filter system along with an Eco inline filter too.

The WFA team were able to deliver the water filter kits to a local nominated post office. This delivery system works really well for people on the road. The package was waiting for the family when they arrived at their destination!  It was a quick and easy installation after that.


According to Douglas,

My wife who is quite particular about the taste of water, is very pleased with the water since we installed the new cartridge. She says, “It’s so nice!”
After exploring south of Adelaide, the Corin family then travelled to Alice Springs and north to Darwin.

Then they headed west, through the Kimberley and down the west coast to Perth.

Just outside of Perth, WFA were able to catch up with the family again to see how their new water filters were performing while on the road.

Q. How are you finding the WFA RV water filters?

Douglas – I think everything tastes better with filtered water, even the water itself. I admit, since installing the filter, I have rarely tasted the unfiltered water.

We definitely use the filtered water for cooking too. The other day, Jack used it even to make raspberry jelly which tasted delicious. We had homemade sushi the other night too, with various fillings placed onto the rice and wrapped in nori seaweed. Satomi makes great sushi, and the sushi rice tasted perfect after having been washed and cooked in the filtered water.

WFA-cooked-riceQ . How does filtered water affect cooking rice?

Satomi – Cooked rice (middle grain or sushi rice) has more shine and keeps good moisture in each grain. So more enjoyable texture and taste. The boys enjoy eating rice more than before. And the filtered coffee taste is good with the filtered water.

Q. What else are you using filtered water for?

Douglas – We fill up our  water bottles daily from the filtered water and cart the bottles around with us as we travel in the cars, hike trails or explore beaches. Satomi and I also enjoy a morning cup of filtered coffee using boiled filtered water. That gives us a consistently good cuppa morning after morning.

Q. How does the filtered water taste compared to the regular unfiltered tap water in colour, smell and taste?  Have you noticed a difference?

Douglas – The filtered water is pure colourless water just as you would hope. As I said, I tend not to drink unfiltered water anymore, so can’t comment about the comparison. Out of all the family members, I’m the one whose stomach is the most liable to be upset by foul water, which is why I’m so grateful for having the filters.

Satomi – I haven’t drunk normal water from the tap because I trust our filtered tap water. Always refill my own water bottles from our tap and drinks.

Tony – Some of the regular water makes you want to question its hygiene. But with the filtered water, I can be certain, it is properly filtered. For example, we have two taps that are filtered, the cold water tap and the mixed tap. I drink from the cold water tap, because I know it is completely filtered and safe. The filter achieves a higher level of consistency with the different water types. Before we got the filters, I remember that some of our family members, particularly Mum and Tim, wouldn’t drink the water from some caravan parks. The taste of many of them in Queensland were borish and sour.  The filter allows us to drink confidently and safely.

Jack – I have noticed a difference, when we didn’t have the filters and I drank from the unfiltered tap it left a weird taste in my mouth. But now when I drink from the tap it tastes more fresh. The rice tastes better now!

Q. Have you noticed a difference in the general water quality in different areas as you travel around Australia?

Douglas – There are some variations often within each state itself. No surprise since Australia is so huge. Up through the centre of the country and around the northwest coast of WA, there was a mineral smell to some of the water in a few places. Water quantity availability has been a variation too, meaning it has been difficult in some areas to refill our caravan water tanks because of local water restrictions. We have had to restrict our water use. That has been educational for us all.

Satomi –  It’s noticeable water tastes different by areas. Especially through room temperature water filled in own bottles.

Tim –  It’s hard to say. The water in some towns definitely tastes treated with chlorine or something similar, but generally there isn’t much difference.

Tony –  I think that NSW water was the best overall. WA isn’t so bad, but we stayed at a Lake recently, and the ‘safe to drink’ water was a light green-brown. I wouldn’t drink that.

Jack – Yes, some caravan parks have different tastes of water but they are all pretty good. One caravan park that I can not recall where I drank water from made me feel a bit dizzy.

Q. How are you finding the convenience of having filtered water on tap?

Douglas – It would be pretty difficult to have stayed in remote areas away from towns as we have, without an on-tap access to filtered water. Although we did carry extra 10 litre boxes of water up the centre of the country, from Port Augusta to Darwin, we refilled those boxes from our caravan filtered water until we were back into areas with more constant access to plentiful water.

Satomi – It’s great to have a good amount of trustworthy water coming from tap. It makes me feel it’s safer for cooking and for washing veggies for salad.

Tony – Convenience wise, being able to refill, my bottle is so much better than buying bottles every now and then. Some of the water before would be so horrible, my mouth would sour and it would be hard to drink it. And because the water comes from the tank, after a hike I can top up my bottle before going out again without having to buy another bottle and carry extra weight.

Jack – Boxes of water add weight to the caravan and we don’t need to move the big boxes of water every time we stop for lunch, morning tea, and dinner. It’s easier with filtered water.

Q. How much do you think you are saving by not buying bottled water?

Douglas – Heaps saved for me personally. Bottled water from the shops has an unpleasant taste for me. So I would tend to spend more for the better brands. At $2-3 or more for a 750ml bottle, the expense would be most significant.

A Few Highlights

We asked the family to list some highlights of the trip so far…

For Douglas, it was Sydney Harbour and a village west of Alice Springs named Hermannsburg – an old mission which is being restored by volunteers.

For Satomi, it was the sea turtles swimming in the clear blue sea at Ningaloo National park and the beautiful spring flowers at Kimberley national park.


Photo credit: Tim Corin

For Tim, a talented and keen photographer, it was exploring Uluru and seeing different kinds of birds and for Tony, the sunset on Cable Beach was a highlight.


The Next Stop…

The family has continued on their travels across the Nullarbor and on to Tasmania. They are currently travelling up the east coast.

After over a year on the road, they are still enjoying their travels and the convenience of fresh filtered water.

The Corin’s eldest son, Tim has taken some amazing photos along the way.

Photo credit: Tim Corin

You can follow Tim’s instagram account here.

We wish them all safe travels as they continue on their adventures.

In the meantime, if you are thinking of hitting the road and want the convenience of fresh filtered water everywhere you go…take a look at our quality RV water filters online.