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Hard vs soft water – what’s the difference?

Posted By WFA on May 23, 2019
Hard vs soft water

Water hardness refers to the mineral content (particularly calcium and magnesium carbonates) within the water. As water falls from the sky it is considered soft. This is because it has yet to come in contact with minerals.

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Winter dehydration – spot the signs

Posted By WFA on May 2, 2019
Dehydration actually increases in winter months

It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true… you are more likely to become dehydrated during winter. In cold weather, the body’s thirst response diminishes by up to 40%, even when you are dehydrated.

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The real cost of bottled water

Posted By WFA on April 1, 2019

Research confirms that tap water from a home water filter system is just as good for you – if not better! It is a lot cheaper & better

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The Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Posted By WFA on March 14, 2019
Health Benefits of Lemon Water

It’s the drink that everyone is obsessed with… lemon water. Every celebrity under the sun boasts that they start their day with it. Reported benefits include detoxifying the body, weight loss, boosting your immune system and improved digestion.

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The best apps to track your water intake

Posted By WFA on March 6, 2019
WFA-best apps to track your water intake

Australia’s current dietary guidelines don’t recommend that we drink a specific amount of water. We should simply ‘drink plenty of water’. The guidelines also encourage us to opt for water over juices, soft drinks, cordials or the like.

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The history of water filter systems

Posted By WFA on February 27, 2019
WFA-The history of water filter system

Water is vital to every human being to maintain our bodily systems. We have been dependant on finding clean drinking water from the beginning of time.

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Water Filters are Space Savers

Posted By WFA on February 12, 2019
Filtration System is Best for your Family

There are several types of water filter systems on the market. These include water filter jugs, fridge filtration systems and bench top filters. If you are looking to minimise clutter in your kitchen, your best bet is an undersink filtration system.

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The benefits of filtered water for children

Posted By WFA on January 31, 2019
A child drinks water in a glass

After the long summer holidays many parents are relieved to hear the school bell! But for many, ‘Back to School’ means back to searching for healthy ideas for school lunches and back to trying to get children to drink enough water during the day.

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The benefits of installing a water filter system

Posted By WFA on January 16, 2019
Inline Product

The many benefits of a home water filter system. Save money & save the environment at the same time w/ a WFA water filter system.

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How to encourage your children to drink more filtered water

Posted By WFA on December 17, 2018

A question we get asked a lot at WFA HQ is … how do I get my children to drink more water? The key is to get your children to LOVE drinking water and you can easily do this by following the simple tips from WFA.

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