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How to make the most of your water filter system during the festive season

Posted By WFA on December 13, 2018

It’s that time of year again and our WFA Christmas elves are busy packing as many water filter systems as they can, to send out before Christmas. If you’re on the good list, and you’re lucky, you may well find a brand new inline water filter under the tree! If you’ve already got a WFA…

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Different water words – what exactly do they mean?

Posted By WFA on November 25, 2018

We often talk of the benefits of drinking enough filtered water every day – everything from a healthy brain to a healthy waistline while reducing our impact on the environment as well. But not all ‘waters’ are created equal and trying to understand the differences between purified, filtered, distilled, alkaline and all the others is…

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Does drinking water help you lose weight?

Posted By WFA on October 29, 2018

We’ve covered the many, many benefits of drinking filtered water in the WFA blog before, but there’s one thing we haven’t delved into yet and it’s the claim that drinking water may help you lose weight. The media is full of celebrities revealing their secrets to weight loss and fad diets, but one recent article…

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Seven reasons why you need a WFA inline water filter system

Posted By WFA on October 29, 2018
family- dinner-kitchen

Are you thinking of swapping your water filter jug for an inline water filter? Or are you dipping your toe into the wonderful world of filtered water for the first time and are wondering – what is an inline water filter? We’ve put together the top seven reasons why you need an inline water filter…

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Get ready for summer with a WFA water filter

Posted By WFA on October 11, 2018

Dreaming of warmer days? The good news is that summer is just around the corner. But with sunny BBQs, backyard cricket and long days at the beach often comes high temperatures where it’s more important to keep hydrated or you’ll be at risk of dehydration. So, why is it important to drink enough filtered water…

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Water Filters for Charity

Posted By WFA on September 22, 2018

Supporting Australian charities and community events is very important to us at WFA and over the years we’ve supported many. This year, once again WFA is proud to be supporting the McDonald Jones ‘Build for a Cure’ home, which raises vital funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute. Every year more than 950 children and adolescents…

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Alkaline water – what is it and is it good for you

Posted By WFA on September 21, 2018

In our current world of wellness, alkaline diets and celebrity endorsements, there are many claims about the health benefits of ‘alkaline water’. For example, articles about supermodel Elle Macpherson following an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water – apparently she’s so dedicated she even tests her urine pH level! It’s been reported that the Kardashians…

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Drinking filtered water for a healthy brain

Posted By WFA on August 15, 2018
WFA-brain blog

So, we know that drinking enough filtered water is good for your health. We know it’s good for your body, improves digestion and is great for your skin, amongst other things. But did you know that it’s also super important for your brain health? Yes, filtered water is good for your brain! Water and Brain…

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Five cooking hacks with filtered water

Posted By WFA on August 9, 2018
Making bread

How to make the most of your hot and cold water filter system According to ancient Chinese medicine drinking warm filtered water is good for your health. It’s all about balance and making it easier for your body to absorb. An instant hot water filter system will save you time and is great for your…

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Four filtered water recipes perfect for winter

Posted By WFA on July 18, 2018

Winter. Colder months and shorter days. This season often triggers many of us to retreat indoors for a few months. It’s also a time where there always seems to be a bit more sickness around. Say hello to colds and sore throats. Drinking heaps of water may not be at the top of your mind…

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