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Why is drinking hot or warm filtered water good for your health?

Posted By WFA on February 14, 2018

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. That’s the recommended amount the professionals advise to stay healthy. Make it filtered water and you’re adding even more health benefits by removing the potential nasties that may occur in tap water. Plus it will taste better so you’ll want to drink more.

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How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Filtered Water

Posted By WFA on January 11, 2018

Summer is here. In Australia it’s all about extended days at the beach, playing backyard cricket or special picnics in the park. And for most of us with young children it means plenty of fun in the sun.

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Back to School with a Difference – Dilmah School of Tea

Posted By WFA on December 20, 2017

The Dilmah School of Tea is a pioneering tea training course. Developed by experts, it’s an unmatched standard of education for anyone who wants to learn how to brew the perfect tasting cup of tea.

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Five Quirky Ways to Use Your Water Filter

Posted By WFA on December 18, 2017

So you’ve decided on your home water filter and you’ve set up a healthy drinking routine with eight glasses of filtered water a day. You’re also using it for washing your veggies, cooking and for your kettle. That’s awesome!

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Festive Entertaining Tips and Recipes

Posted By WFA on November 30, 2017

Ham ordered? Tick. Presents bought. Tick? Christmas tree and decorations out of the garage? Tick. Christmas drinks ideas for the massive amount of entertaining ahead? Help!

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A Water Filter for All the Family

Posted By WFA on November 29, 2017

For Sydney mum, Amanda Caunt a water filter had been on her ‘wishlist’ for years. As a new mum she was cooking organic healthy meals for her young family but had began to question the quality of tap water she was using.

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Why Filtered Water Makes the Best Coffee

Posted By WFA on November 9, 2017

In recent years many of us have developed a bit of an addiction to a small bean and the many variations it takes to create the perfect tasting cup of coffee. Given that there are now world barista championships, it proves that making a good cup of coffee is now both a science and an art!

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Water Filters for a Great Cause

Posted By WFA on September 22, 2017

At WFA we’re proud to have supported many Australian charities and community events over the years. A regular cause close to our hearts is the Mcdonald Jones “Build for a Cure Home”.

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Going on a Campervan Holiday? Take your Water Filter with you, like the Zielinski family

Posted By WFA on September 11, 2017

Meet Paul, Beth and their young family…dedicated WFA customers who love their home water filter system so much they decided to take one away with them in their campervan!

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How a Water Filter Works

Posted By WFA on September 4, 2017
Coconuts and water filters

Coconuts and water filters…A surprising combination don’t you think? The words conjure up images of drinking refreshing filtered water on a white sandy beach with palm trees swaying the breeze!

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