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When to Change your Water Filter Cartridge

Posted By WFA on November 6, 2016

Why should I change my water filter cartridge? Think of your water filter system a bit like a car. If you don’t change the oil filter and oil in your car, the oil will get dirty and stop lubricating the engine. Eventually the engine will wear out…and your car will grind to a halt. Well,…

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Get to Know Your New Home Water Filtration System

Posted By WFA on October 30, 2016

So you’ve just got a new home water filtration system. Whether it’s an under sink water filter, like an inline filter, a dedicated filter tap, a hot and cold ambient water filter or a three-way mixer system…it’s time to get to know your new system. And start using it… Once you’ve poured that first glass…

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What your body is trying to tell you about drinking water

Posted By WFA on August 24, 2016

Hello? It’s your body here…and we really need to have a chat. Water, water, water. It’s all around you and all within you…in fact, as your body, I’m always pretty thirsty because I’m made up of 60% water! And because drinking water is crucial for your survival…

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10 reasons why we should kick our bottled water habit

Posted By WFA on August 8, 2016

As a nation, we’re drinking more bottled water than ever before, with 466 million litres of bottled water sold to Australians in 2015. And at average cost of $2.75 a litre, our bottled water habit is costing us nearly $1.3 billion dollars annually.

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The problem with water filter jugs

Posted By WFA on July 28, 2016

Water filter jugs are a good introduction to filtered water, but to be honest they are not always the most stylish, convenient or practical long-term solution. Once your family has fallen in love with the taste, you’ll find yourself constantly having to refill your water jug and change your filter cartridges.

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Are you at risk of dehydration?

Posted By WFA on July 21, 2016

For most of us, if we remember to drink our 8 glasses of water a day we’ll keep ourselves hydrated and healthy. But did you realise you only need to lose just 1.5% of your body’s water content to put yourself at risk of becoming dehydrated?

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How to create a daily water habit

Posted By WFA on July 13, 2016

Do you find it hard to remember to drink enough water? Well, you’re not alone. Drinking water is one of the best things we can do for our health and wellbeing on so many levels, but we often find it hard to remember to drink the amount we need to stay hydrated. Luckily for you,…

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Inline Water Filter System

  • No separate tap or drilling required!
  • Can be easily and quickly fitted into any new or existing cold-water pipe
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Dedicated Filter Tap

  • Twice the capacity of standard half micron filter cartridges and are certified for 5,600 litres,
  • Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
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Hot/cold Ambient Water Filter

  • Both instant filtered steaming hot and ambient cold water from the same two-way mixer tap
  • Cheaper and faster than boiling a kettle
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Three-way Mixer Tap

  • Hot, ambient cold and filtered water all seamlessly delivered from the one tap
  • Contemporary style to complement your kitchen’s decor
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Vanity Water Filters

  • Compact size (space required 335mm x 225mm)
  • Can be fitted either vertically or horizontally under any bathroom sink unit
  • Works with your existing tap
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Replacement Cartridges

  • Premium WFA12 cartridges
  • Everpure manufactured Platinum filter cartridges
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