Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

How To: DIY cleaning products with filtered water

Did you know that you can use filtered water to make natural and environmentally-friendly cleaning products?

Yes, it’s true!

The silly season is upon us (and so is the onslaught of house guests!), so grab a pen and pad and get ready to jot down these great DIY cleaning recipes using filtered water from your WFA water filter system.

DIY cleaning products

So, why DIY?

Using natural DIY cleaning products made with filtered water from your home water purifier is a great way to go green and take care of the environment. You’re not going to have any pesky chemicals that will harm you, your family, your pets or your surrounds. Plus, there is a lot less wastage when it comes to packaging.

Going the DIY route is also a lot easier on your wallet. Since you’re using a lot of everyday things that you most likely already have in your home, you’re not going to be paying for fancy brand names and unnecessary packaging.

It’s pretty obvious – get even more from your WFA home water purifier system and go DIY!

DIY cleaning products with filtered water

Squeaky-clean dishes

3 tbsp Solvol Liquid Soap
2 cups warm filtered water
2 tsp of glycerine
2 tbsp white vinegar
5-10 drops of lavender oil (You can use any oil you please – we like lavender for its soothing scent and antibacterial properties.)

Mix all ingredients in a glass jar and give it a good shake. We recommend using about two tbsp for washing up dishes.

Streak-free windows and mirrors

½ cup of white vinegar
1 tbsp cornstarch
2 cups warm filtered water

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and transfer to a spray bottle.

The cornstarch might sound like an odd addition, but it makes for a really effective non-abrasive cleaner for your windows and mirrors. It scrubs off even the most troublesome of stains. Trust us – you’ll be blown away by the results.

Do-it-all cleaner

Do-it-all cleaner

¼ cup of white vinegar
1 tbsp baking soda
1 litre filtered water
½ lemon
Optional: a few drops of lemon essential oil

Add the ingredients to a large bowl, squeeze in the juice from half your lemon and stir well. Pop it in a spray bottle and off you go!

This multi-purpose concoction can be used just about anywhere – the kitchen, bathroom and even on your furniture (Make sure to do a small patch test first.). Plus, the lemon makes everything smell nice and fresh.

Perfect floors

Perfect floors

Approx 3L of filtered water
2 tbsp of white vinegar
Juice from half a lemon
Optional: a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree or lavender

Combine all ingredients in a bucket, grab a mop and get going!

NOTE: Some essential oils can be harmful to pets, so make sure to check their toxicity before adding them to your cleaning concoctions.

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