Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

Get to Know Your New Home Water Filtration System

So you’ve just got a new home water filtration system. Whether it’s an under sink water filter, like an inline filter, a dedicated filter tap, a hot and cold ambient water filter or a three-way mixer system…it’s time to get to know your new system. And start using it…

Once you’ve poured that first glass of great tasting filtered water, there’s no going back. But did you know that there are lots of other great uses for filtered water around the home?

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your new water filter system…

  • Cook your rice and pasta in filtered water. You’ll notice how much better your food tastes!

Cooking pasta

  • Fill up your ice trays with filtered water. The ice will taste better in your cocktail or smoothie. No nasty chlorine taste spoiling your special drink!
  • Wash your fruit and veggies in filtered water.
  • Fill up your kettle with filtered water and taste the difference in your favourite herbal tea or coffee. Plus it will also stop the build up of limescale in your kettle… no more kettle scum!
  • Fill up your iron with filtered water. No more nasty build up on the bottom of your iron.
  • Fill your pets bowls with filtered water. They’ll drink more water because the filtered water tastes better…especially important during our hot summer months.

Dog and a bowl of ice

  • Fill up a large bottle and rinse your hair with filtered water. A build up of chlorine in your hair can cause it to be dry and damaged. Rinsing your hair regularly with filtered water helps to remove chlorine build up, keeping your hair in great condition.
  • Wash your face in filtered water. Fill a bowl or a spray bottle with filtered water and add a spritz to your face as part of your daily beauty routine. Filtered water helps to keep your skin fresh, glowing and hydrated.
  • Fill your baby’s bottle with filtered water and add your baby formula. No need to boil a kettle with fresh filtered water on tap.

Occasionally there are a few things that may seem different when you first install your new home water filtration system.


Water Pressure

For example, the water pressure. Normally this remains the same but if you notice it’s a little slow at first, that’s just the carbon beginning to work. A top tip here is to turn up the tap and let it run for about 1-2 minutes. The water flow will push through the carbon and water pressure will soon be flowing as normal.

If the water colour is a bit cloudy. Don’t worry, that’s just compressed air in the water. Again, this is temporary and will pass as soon as you start to use the system regularly.

Black Powder

When you first flush the cartridge. You may get black powder coming out. This may only last 5 -10 seconds. Don’t worry it’s just harmless carbon powder, which is residue from the manufacturing process.

That’s it. Simple. Time to start enjoying fresh filtered water on tap every day!

Get to know it like your new best friend and let us know if you’ve discovered any other great uses for your fresh filtered water. We’d love to hear from you.

Our friendly team at WFA will call you to check everything is OK with your new water filter and to remind you to change the cartridge in 12 months. Or you can order one from our online store.

Until then..ENJOY!

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