Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

Filtered Water the Way You Want it...

At WFA we make it easy for everyone to enjoy the taste and health benefits of pure filtered water in their own home or workplace.

We offer a range of filter systems to suit every budget, basin or building, and all of our systems are:

Best Filtration System
  • Practical—all our filter cartridges last for a year*.
  • Convenient—our space saving design and ability to mount the cartridges either vertically or horizontally ensures they discreetly fit into any sized kitchen
  • Easy to use—if you can change a light-bulb, you can replace one of our cartridges. No need to call a plumber—it’s a simple bayonet attachment. Call us to find out about our handy, automated renewal service with 100% free shipping!
  • Affordable—at just one cent per litre our filtered water is not only a fraction of the cost of bottled water, but so much better for the environment too.
  • Healthy—providing both chemical and mechanical filtration to remove bad taste, odour and impurities, just leaving you with great tasting, pure water

So regardless of whether you are building a new home, renovating or wanting to connect to your existing plumbing, your there’s a WFA water filter to suit your needs.

Inline Water Filter for House

Inline Water Filter System

Our most popular water filter system is our inline filter, because it can be easily and quickly fitted into any new or existing cold-water pipe in your kitchen.

With our inline filter system there’s no need to re-configure your plumbing, replace your mixer tap or drill holes in your kitchen bench. In fact you won’t even need a plumber—you can install it yourself!

And it really delivers on speed as well, with a flow that is 4 times faster than traditional filter systems.

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Water Filters

Three Way Mixer Tap System

The WFA three-way mixer provides you with the choice of hot, ambient or filtered water for your home.

And unlike other mixer tap filter systems we offer you a choice of 5 different tap profiles, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

Our WFA three-way mixer tap filter system affords you the choice of a dedicated filter option, without the need to install a separate tap. And installation is a straightforward job for your plumber or quite achievable for the home handyman.

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Hot/Cold Ambient Water Filter System

If you prefer both your hot and cold water to be filtered, our WFA Duo hot and cold filter system delivers your choice of either instant filtered steaming hot or ambient cold water, delivered from the same two-way mixer tap.

And with your family in mind, our hot filtered system comes with adjustable temperature control and a child safety lock.

Cheaper and faster than boiling a kettle, our WFA Duo hot/cold filtered system is ideal for refreshing drinks, instant tea or coffee, blanching vegetables, rinsing dishes, as well as many other uses.

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Water Filters

Dedicated Filter Tap System

Designed for those who prefer a separate filter tap to their main kitchen mixer tap.

Our discrete dedicated filter tap provides all the same benefits as our other filter systems.

And just like all our other filter systems, our dedicated filter tap cartridges are as easy to change as a lightbulb, and provide both chemical and mechanical filtration to remove bad taste, odour and impurities, leaving you with great tasting, fluoridised water.

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Buy Water Filter Systems & Water Filters Online

Looking for a water filter system? Our high quality, independently WaterMark approved water filter systems are easy for you to install, use and change. With nearly 20 years in the water filter business, WFA is proudly Australian with a wealth of knowledge ready to share with you.

Whether you prefer an Inline water filter system which attaches to your existing tap for fast flowing filtered water all the time or a separate dedicated water filter tap for filtered water only when you want it, WFA has the best quality water filter for you and your family.

Inline Water Filter System Kit icon

$237 | Inline Water Filter System

  • No separate tap or drilling needed
  • Connects inline to cold-water hose
  • No plumber needed
  • 4x faster than traditional systems
  • Lasts a family of 4 for 1 year
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Bathroom Vanity Filter System kit icon

$175 | Bathroom Vanity Filter System

  • Compact for en-suite bathrooms
  • Space required 335mm x 225mm
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Works with your existing tap
  • Protects tap from limescale buildup
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hot-cold-water-filter icon

$910 | WFA Duo Hot & Cold Filter System

  • Ideal for instantaneous tea or coffee
  • Cheaper & faster than boiling a kettle
  • Use for blanching vegetables
  • Very compact fits under kitchen sink
  • Dual faucet with child safety lever
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Dedicated Filter Tap System kit icon

$268 | Dedicated Filter Tap System

  • Ideal if you like a separate filter tap
  • Mount filter vertically or horizontally
  • Filter lasts 12 months
  • Same great taste
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Water Filters icon

$399 | Three-way Mixer Tap System

  • No separate tap or drilling needed
  • Delivers hot, cold & filtered water
  • Includes filter kit. Includes connections
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Replacement filter cartridges

From $29 | Replacement Filter Cartridges

  • WFA & Everpure Cartridges
  • Omifilter cartridges
  • Rainwater cartridges
  • Fridge Cartridges
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Water Filters

From $99 | Water Filters for your RV

  • Easy installation
  • Choice of three systems
  • Significantly cheaper than bottled water
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Space saving
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Counter Top System & Filter Taps

From $39 | Counter Top System & Filter Taps

  • Ideal solution for people on the move
  • No plumbing required
  • Chrome Plated
  • Lever operation
  • Suitable for WFA Filter Systems
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