Water Filters for your RV

WFA ECO Regular Traveller Kit

WFA ECO Regular Traveller Kit

  • Ideal if you like a dedicated filter tap
  • Mount horizontal or vertical
  • Annual filter change
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WFA ECO Inline Kit

WFA ECO Inline Kit

  • Compact size 335mm x 225mm
  • Connects to existing 12mm cold water pipe/tube
  • Annual filter change
  • KDF to stop bacterial growth
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Protect your Health and Enjoy your Trip

Australia is a vast continent, just waiting to be explored. And your RV can take you to some incredibly beautiful and remote places in this great brown land of ours.


But when you’re far away from home the difference between a healthy happy trip or getting sick is often dependant on the quantity and quality of your own water supply. And bottled water is not always handy.

The problem is with your RV tank or the local mains water supply.

Unfortunately your RV water tank is effectively a ‘large petridish on wheels’, as air, heat and the movement of the water as you travel creates a toxic environment.

So any chlorine originally in the water when you filled your RV tank is quickly killed off, allowing micro-organisms to rapidly multiply, and producing slime and algae in your tank and lines.

Your tank should be flushed and cleaned on a regular basis.

And just as temperatures, distances, and driving conditions vary greatly, water conditions throughout Australia can also fluctuate enormously due to a variety of reasons.

So when you refill your tank as you travel, your water could already be questionable for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Burst mains which allow contamination and back-flow
  • Variation in Chlorination levels, causing unpleasant taste and smell with over-chlorination or leaving you open to bacterial contamination if it is under-chlorinated
  • And with bore water, or water from a rain tank or creek you have no way of telling how clean it is!

So no matter where or when you fill your RV tank, a WFA filter system is only way you can ensure your water is treated.

Water Filters designed for every situation

  • available nationwide, wherever your RV takes you
  • significantly cheaper than bottled water at less than 1c per litre
  • space saving and can be installed either vertically or horizontally
  • come with an inbuilt alarm to remind you when they need changing
  • filter water twice, both mechanically and chemically, to leave you with pure fresh filtered water… however off-road you are
  • the cartridges are easy to change anywhere, anytime…it’s a simple a changing a lightbulb
  • are fully supported by our Australian-based call centre and includes KDF filter media to protect against bacterial growth in the filter cartridge

Our range of filter systems are especially suited for caravans, campervans and recreational vehicles and include:


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