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Quality Guaranteed!

Buy a water filter from Water Filters Australia and you can be sure that you’re getting a top quality product.

How do you know? Well, for a start we’ve been in the water filtration business since 1999, that’s a long history of supplying thousands of homes with quality water filters.

We design and develop new systems with the finest materials and cutting edge technology while our original systems continue to work really well.  Many of our customers have had our water filters for years and are still very happy with them. We know that because they tell us!

“BTW super easy setup and perfect operation for years now” Ben Hewitson via Instagram


Lifetime Warranty

It’s super important to change your water filter cartridge every 12 months to keep your water filter working perfectly. Also, every time you replace a new cartridge it extends the warranty on the parts by another 12 months. These parts include the filter head, hoses and valves.

So if you keep changing the filter within the 12 months you’ll keep extending warranty effectively giving you a lifetime warranty.


All our systems are NSF and WaterMark certified.

This means that they have been independently tested both at an international and national level to meet plumbing safety, performance and legal requirements – it’s proof that they do exactly what they say they do!

So what does the NSF International certification mean?

NSF –The National Sanitation Foundation is an internationally recognised, not for profit, independent third party testing authority.

NSF tests and certifies that the claims made by the manufacturer are true. There are two NSF certifications most relevant for water filter systems.

The first is Standard 42 – this establishes the minimum requirements for testing that the water filter system reduces non-health related contaminants like chlorine, taste and smell.

The second is Standard 53 – this sets the minimum requirement for testing the health effects of the filtration system. So testing its effective in reducing health related contaminants such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia and others.

Read more about the NSF International Certification here.

So what does the WaterMark certification mean?

WaterMark is a national certification scheme. It’s our Australian standards tick of approval. They independently test and check the performance of the product. And independently certify that the products meet Australian safety plumbing standards.

A WaterMark certification is mandatory if you want to install a water filter and comply with Australian plumbing regulations.  After the testing Watermark continue to check on the products with an audit once a year.

Why is a WaterMark certification important?

For a start it’s a legal requirement. With a WaterMark certification you know that the water filter has passed a number of strict tests and requirements. They certify  things like the plumbing safety, water pressure, taste and toxins. It means the water filter is safe and there are no harmful toxins leaching from the filter into your drinking water. So you can just enjoy great tasting filtered water.

What if your water filter doesn’t have the WaterMark certification?

Without it, the product cannot be legally installed. You don’t know if the product is safe.  And if it fails and causes water damage to your home, there’s a big chance the insurance company won’t pay out.

Read more about the WaterMark testing process.

How do you know when to change your water filter cartridge?

You’ll get a reminder from us and the filter alarm under your sink will also go off. You can purchase your replacement filter cartridge online.

All our water filters are WaterMark certified and come with a warranty. Call our friendly customer service team to find out more.