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Dedicated Water Filter Tap System


  • Ideal if you like a separate filter tap
  • Choose from 2 chrome ceramic disk filter taps – gooseneck or squareneck
  • Mount filter vertically or horizontally
  • Filter generally lasts 12 months
  • Same great taste
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Like the idea of a separate drinking water tap or looking for a dedicated water filter tap?

Want to provide your office staff or employees with a healthy, safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to single use plastic bottles?

Looking for alternatives to constantly refilling an ugly water filter jug that clutters up your kitchen bench?

Maybe you need to retrofit a filter tap into an existing older-style stainless steel sink?

Designed for those who prefer a separate filter tap to their main kitchen mixer tap, our WFA discrete dedicated filter tap system provides many of the same benefits as our other filter systems, with cartridges that:

  • can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
  • filters usually last for 12 months before they need to be changed

A filter system you can trust to protect the health of your family

You can rest assured your dedicated filter tap system is not only making your water taste, look and smell great…

…it’s also removing any impurities from your drinking water.

Your dedicated filter tap system is Australian Standards Watermark Certified, and:

  • removes particles including sentiment, dust, dirt, rust, and cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • uses carbon to remove nasty tastes and odours caused by chlorine and other chemicals, ageing underground pipes, and fluctuating dam levels
  • leaves in the fluoride, minerals and salts that will protect the health of you and your family
We’d love to tell you more!

Still not sure which WFA filter system is the right one for you?

Why not call one of your customer support staff?

All our support staff are located right here in our Sydney office and they each look after their own customer base. So not only are you talking to a real person… you’re talking to somebody who knows you.

You can also check out our FAQ page.

Either way, we’d love to help you to enjoy the convenience and environmental and health benefits of pure filtered water from your kitchen tap…at a price you won’t believe.