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Vanity Water Filters


  • Wash your face in chlorine-free filtered water for healthy & hydrated skin
  • Compact for en-suite bathrooms
  • Fits vertically or horizontally under sink
  • Works with your existing tap
  • Protects tap from limescale buildup
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Filtered water direct from your ensuite tap

The convenience of fresh, filtered water from your existing bathroom tap. For healthy, hydrated skin  – it’s the perfect natural way to wash your face without the harsh chemicals in tap water.

  • New Product
  • Compact size (space required 335mm x 225mm)
  • Can be fitted either vertically or horizontally under any bathroom sink unit
  • Works with your existing tap
  • Protects your tap from limescale buildup

Ever woken up in the night gasping for a drink of filtered water? Now you can have the convenience of great tasting, filtered water on tap in your ensuite straight from your existing tap, without having to do a whole bathroom reno…

Extending the life of your tap

Another added bonus is that by having filtered water in your bathroom it will also help protect your tap and pipes from limescale build-up therefore extending the life of your tap and plumbing.

So you can delay those expensive bathroom renovations for longer!

Your Vanity system is Australian Standards Watermark approved, and:

  • actually filters your water three times
  • removes particles including sediment, dust, dirt, and rust
  • uses the latest carbon block technology to remove nasty tastes and odours caused by chlorine and other chemicals, ageing underground pipes, and fluctuating dam levels
  • leaves in the fluoride, minerals and salts that will protect the health of you and your family
  • Inhibits limescale build up in your tapware

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Either way, we’d love to help you to enjoy the convenience and environmental and health benefits of filtered water from your bathroom tap…at a price you won’t believe.