Best Selling Water Filter Systems

Looking for a water filter system? You’ve come to the right place. Our high quality, independently WaterMark approved water filter systems are easy for you to install, use and change. With over 20 years in the water filter business, WFA is proudly Australian, with a water filtration system to suit all needs. Each of our units are made in the USA, then assembled here in Australia, with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Best Selling Water Filter Cartridges

All of our WFA water filter cartridges have bayonet fittings, which means they’re as easy to change as a light bulb. We make cartridge replacement easy with our handy, automated renewal service with 100% free shipping! Our WFA water filter cartridges are WaterMark approved to Australian standards.

Top 7 reasons you need an inline water filter system

Veggies and a glass of water
  1. Filtered water direct to your tap - no drilling or plumbing
  2. Convenience - use filtered water for everything! (coffee, ice)
  3. Easy to install - DIY
  4. Faster flow (4 x faster)
  5. Save money - lasts family of four a year!
  6. Space saver - can fit horizontally or vertically
  7. Top quality, lifetime guarantee

Why drink filtered water?

Water… we all have to drink it to survive.

But did you know that filtered drinking water from your tap is the tastiest, safest, healthiest and least expensive way to enjoy your water?

At Water Filters Australia, we offer a great tasting, healthy alternative to tap water…

and an environmentally-friendly, convenient and affordable alternative to bottled water.

Find out why drinking WFA filtered water makes sense on so many levels.

No drilling, no plumber

At WFA, we make it easy for you to install, use and change our high quality, independently WaterMark approved water filter systems.

You don’t need a separate tap (but you can have one if you want). You don’t need to drill into your bench. And you don’t need a plumber to change the water filter cartridges. We remind you when you need to change your cartridge. And it’s as easy as changing a lightbulb.

We also make it easy to drink more water, because when water tastes this good, you and your family will want to drink more.

Which is why our water filters are good for your health, your teeth, your waistline, your wallet and the environment.

Ready to fall in love with the taste of water again?

What makes you smile makes us smile

Drinking pure, great-tasting water.

Feeling healthy, happy and hydrated.

Saving money and the environment.

At WFA, we get a kick out of providing a high-quality product that makes a huge difference to our customers’ lives… and delivering outstanding customer service to match.

Ready to talk to a real person?

The Water Filters Australia Story

Water Filters Australia was the first company in Australia to introduce the revolutionary Inline Water Filter System.

It was a major breakthrough in the world of water filters. It was the first time you could attach a water filter to any tap in your kitchen and do away with the need for a dedicated filter tap.

Not only that – but to lose the trickle and have fast flowing filtered water 24/7 was an added bonus!

But creating a simple, top quality, long lasting water filter system that removed the need for a plumber and yet was affordable didn’t just happen overnight. It took a few years and a combination of designs and developments to produce what we have today – the perfect inline water filter.

Water Filtration Systems

Looking for a water filter?

Whether you prefer an inline water filter which attaches to your existing tap for fast flowing filtered water all the time…

or a separate dedicated water filter tap for filtered water only when you want it, WFA has the best quality water filter for you and your family.

With nearly 20 years in the water filter business, WFA is proudly Australian with a wealth of knowledge ready to share with you.


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