Nine interesting facts about filtered water

When you start to dig into the research, filtered water is full of surprising and interesting facts!

We’ve pulled together nine interesting facts about filtered water so you can learn more about our favourite subject.

What’s in filtered water is as important as what’s not in it

There’s no denying that tap water contains a whole raft of nasties that we don’t want in our bodies.

But… it also has fluoride, calcium, magnesium and sodium, which are all beneficial to our health.

So, while you want your water filtration system to remove the nasties such as chlorine and other chemicals, it’s really important that your water filter leaves the good stuff in. Our WFA water filters do, so you can be sure you are getting the quality you are looking for.

It tastes better than tap water

Chlorine plays a crucial role in keeping our tap water supply clean and free from bacteria and viruses… but it’s not something you need to be consuming.

Not to mention the awful taste of chlorinated water. Filtered water removes the chlorine and enhances the taste!

It’s good for the environment

Plastic from bottled water is damaging our environment. The production of the plastic uses fossil fuels and energy and the bottles end up in landfill, or worse – in our waterways, causing harm to marine life.

Filtered water is the ultimate solution. You can fill up your own reusable water bottle at home and know that you are not having an impact on the environment.

It’s better for your plants

There are so many uses for filtered water other than drinking, and watering your plants is just one of them. If you’ve ever noticed a thin, white crust on the surface of your soil, it’s likely caused by the harmful minerals and salts found in your tap water.

If the plants are failing to thrive, it could be the chlorine inhibiting their growth.

On the other hand, filtered water has everything plants need to thrive.

Filtered water is not the same as purified water

The terms filtered water and purified water are often used interchangeably, but they are in fact very different. Purified water is water that has been stripped entirely of salts and minerals – even the good stuff!

However, filtered water has had impurities reduced or removed so the good stuff can be left in the water. While it may seem like you should be drinking ‘pure’ water, filtered water is actually much better for you.

Filtered water is good for your gut

Speaking of filtered water being good for you, did you know that it is actually good for your gut?

In order to balance your gut, you need to stay hydrated. The trouble is that chlorine can have a massive impact on your gut flora. And that’s not a good thing.

When you drink filtered water – and plenty of it – not only are you ticking the hydration box, you are also keeping those nasties away, giving your gut the best chance to thrive.

Charcoal is used to filter water

There are actually many ways you can filter water. Carbon/charcoal filtration is one of the best. And it’s the method we use at Water Filters Australia.

Activated charcoal is so effective at filtering water because it uses a process of adsorption (as opposed to absorption) to chemically bind the impurities in the water to the charcoal.

It’s cost effective, easy to maintain, removes the nasty stuff and leaves the good.

Water filtration dates back to 2000BC

Water filtration is nothing new. In fact, the history of water filter systems is quite fascinating.

At WFA, we’ve been providing water filtration solutions since 1999… but the first recorded water filtration dates back to 2000BC in early India and Ancient Greece.

Methods of water filtration have evolved from the early heat and crude straining methods used many thousands of years ago.

Filtering your own water at home will save you money

Saving money is a great thing. Even better when the thing you are saving money on is better for you… and for the environment.

Once you have a home water filtration system installed, you will have free flowing, filtered water. All you need to do is to replace the filter in your system once a year.

Compare that to the cost of buying expensive bottled water and you could be looking at savings of upwards of $5 per litre.

Enjoy the benefits of a home water filtration system

At Water Filters Australia we have a range of quality home water filtration systems which will help you drink more water and save more money. Discover our range for yourself and see what your taste buds have been missing out on!

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