Why water filters should keep fluoride in water

The debate over fluoride in water has been raging for some time. Opponents claim that having fluoride in our water supply causes more harm than good… while dentists and public health officials have always argued that the benefits of fluoride are clear, and there is no proof that it causes any health problems.

For decades, the research has consistently shown that having fluoride in water is extremely beneficial. As recently as 2017, after a thorough review of all the research, the National Health and Medical Research Council confirmed in a public statement that, “there is no reliable evidence that water fluoridation at current Australian levels causes health problems”.

At Water Filters Australia, we firmly believe in keeping all the good stuff in water… and only taking the bad stuff out. That’s why our water filters do not remove fluoride from your water.

What is fluoride anyway?

Would it surprise you to learn that fluoride is a completely natural mineral? You can find it in natural supplies of water like bores, in different types of food like avocados and cherries, and in rocks. And it’s all thanks to Mother Earth.

When you use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day, then back that up with eight or more glasses of water that contain fluoride… you are giving your body the best possible chance of keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

What’s so good about having fluoride in water?

The facts are clear. Fluoride in drinking water prevents tooth decay.

It’s also a fact that drinking fluoride-free bottled water is contributing to half of all Australian children suffering tooth decay by age six.

It may be convenient, but unfortunately, this is the unhappy truth behind drinking bottled water, versus tap water from a water filtration system.

And it’s not only about children. Once we get our adult teeth, we need to keep them healthy for the rest of our lives. Having fluoride in water is a simple and easy way of giving everyone in the community protection against tooth decay and cavities… no matter your age or where you live.

What do our water filters remove from water?

Our mission at Water Filters Australia is to provide you, your loved ones and your businesses with pure, healthy and great-tasting filtered water – always.

Fluoride is flavourless, odourless and has important benefits for your teeth… so our filter cartridges don’t filter it out.

Our water filters only remove the nasties from your water, including contaminants such as giardia, cysts, cryptosporidium and chlorine. Removing the nasties keeps you, your family, your employees and even your pets safe from these sorts of invisible impurities that affect the quality and taste of your drinking water.

Saving your teeth… and your bank balance

It might shock you to learn that buying bottled water can cost you upwards of $2500 a year. And that’s just for a single person! That’s a crazy cost… especially when you can get better-quality water at home.

Our water filtration system immediately saves you money because you can fill up your reusable water bottle at home at a tiny fraction of the cost. The difference per litre can be 2000 times cheaper than bottled water.

And when you add up the cost of having to see the dentist more often, because bottled water is completely stripped of fluoride… then the benefits of a home water filter – designed to keep the fluoride in water – really start to add up.

Home water filtration is the best choice

Filtered water tastes great. It’s cheaper than the alternative of bottled water. And when you use a water filter designed to keep the fluoride in water, you aren’t compromising on the health benefits for your teeth. It really is the clear choice.

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