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The real cost of bottled water

Buy a water filter and save money

Choose to drink bottled water and it will cost – not only your wallet but it will cost the environment and in some cases your health.

But what is it that you are really paying for? How different is the water in a bottle compared to tap or filtered water? And are you really just paying mainly for the cost of the plastic bottle?


We’ve covered the problem with single-use plastic water bottles before and why you should ditch your bottled water habit.

But this time we’re looking at the real cost of bottled water and will compare it with filtered tap water straight from your home water filter.

The big desire for bottled water

lady-drinks-waterBottled water is the fastest growing drinks industry in the world. Zion market research states, “The global bottled water market was valued at approximately USD 170 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 280 billion by 2020.”

The average Australian drinks 30 litres of bottled water per year. And in 2015, Australians consumed 466 million litres of water. At an average of $3 a litre, bottled water is more expensive per litre than milk, coffee, beer, wine and petrol.

It begs the question, what’s so special about bottled water? And do we really know the quality of the water inside the bottle?

Testing bottled water with tap water

Bottled water is classified as a food product so does not require the same stringent testing as tap water. This means that the quality and mineral content can differ greatly between the brands.

In the ABC’s recent ‘War on Waste’ program they decided to put the bottled water brands to the test, compared with regular Gold Coast tap water.

Dr Fredrick Leusch conducted the experiment at Griffith University, Queensland with surprising results.

One brand, ‘Nature’s Best’, tested as very similar to tap water where it appears that the consumer is mainly paying for the plastic bottle, with the water inside worth less than a cent.

Testing also showed that tap water has a high concentration of healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium – in fact, more than most bottled brands, except ‘Fiji water’. Dr Leusch remarked, “Tap water should really be marketed as mineral water.”

Dr Leusch also examined the pH levels and acidity of the bottled brands. In the tests he found that ‘Pump’ and ‘Mount Franklin’ were more acidic and would not pass the tap water test. The more acidic the water, the worse it is for your teeth as it can affect the tooth enamel.

After the testing Dr Leusch concluded,

“All our water is eventually from the same place; it’s a closed cycle. The water that fills our rivers is actually sometimes fed from the ground, sometimes fed from rainwater – it’s all the same water in the end.”

The cost to the environment

The other big cost of bottled water is to the environment.


The production of plastic water bottles requires millions of barrels of oil a year. In Australia it’s estimated that it takes 200ml of oil and up to seven litres of water to manufacture a single plastic bottle.

Then, there’s the cost of transport. Plastic water bottles are heavy and expensive to transport with thousands of tonnes of transportation-related pollution being released into the earth’s atmosphere.

And of course, there’s the huge problem with disposal. The bottles used to package water can take over 1000 years to biodegrade with most plastic water bottles ending up in landfill.

The cost to health

Another study suggests that some bottled water is deficient in potassium, magnesium and calcium.

And health concerns have been linked to bottled water due to harmful chemicals leaching from the plastic, in particular bisphenol A or BPA. Research suggests that certain exposure levels of BPA may cause breast cancer and other health concerns.

The BEST cost solution

boy-drinks-waterFiltered tap water is a low cost, healthy solution.

Add a WFA home water filtration system under your kitchen bench and you’ll have fresh filtered water on tap. The filter leaves all the healthy minerals, like the calcium and magnesium, in the water.

The filter system does not remove fluoride. But it removes the chlorine and any nasties that may be in your water like giardia and cryptosporidium, so the water tastes great.

Of course, there is the initial cost of the system but WFA’s most popular water filter system, the inline water filter, only costs $219 and includes your first filter cartridge, which lasts a year.

At less than 1 cent a litre, remember your filtered tap water is cheaper than beer, wine, milk or petrol.

Over a year you’ll save the cost of 56,000 bottles of store bought mineral water with one simple water filter.

plastic-water-bottles- graphic

Save on shipping

You can also save money on shipping, too. Just order two replacement cartridges together from our specials and only pay one shipping cost.

The message is clear. A WFA water filter system is a smart way to go. You’ll not only save money, but save the environment – and keep your family healthy.

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