Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

For Your Home

At WFA we make it easy and affordable and for you and your family to enjoy the health benefits of great-tasting pure filtered water, 24/7. And whether you’re renovating your existing home, updating your kitchen or building from scratch, at WFA we have a range of water filter systems that are easy to install and look great.

Suit your style & complement your kitchen

Our filter systems look as good as our water tastes. And with four different filter systems, we offer a range of home water filters for every size or style of kitchen. So you can keep your existing taps or use one of our stylish range of mixer taps… either way, you don’t need to install an additional tap.

Install & replace it yourself

All of our water filter cartridges can be installed either vertically or horizontally and they fit discreetly under any sink, including under mount sinks. Changing one of our filter cartridges is as easy as changing a lightbulb, so there’s no need to call a plumber, and most of our filter systems are easy to install yourself.

Improve the health of your family

When water tastes this great and is available on tap 24/7 your family will want to drink it. And choosing to drink pure filtered water instead of sugar-laden soft drinks, sports drinks or juices is good for their hydration, their teeth, and their waistline.

Save money and the environment

By replacing bottled water with your own WFA filter system you not only save money and time, but you are also helping save the environment. WFA filtered water is a fraction of the cost of bottled water, and eliminates the impact on the environment from the production, transportation and disposal of bottled water.

Enjoy the convenience and our customer service

When it’s time to replace your water filter WFA will help you with an in-built alarm reminder on your cartridge or your friendly Sydney-based customer service manager can call you.

You can either place your order over the phone or enjoy the convenience of online ordering…

… either way your water filter will be delivered to your home.

Say NO to:
  • drilling extra holes on your kitchen bench top,
  • unsightly bench-top filter systems,
  • expensive plumbing fees, and
  • environmentally damaging bottled water.

Healthy, tasty, easy, affordable…what’s there not to love about WFA filter systems?

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Buy Water Filter Systems & Water Filters Online

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Inline Water Filter System

  • No seperate tap or drilling needed
  • Connects inline to cold-water hose
  • No plumber needed
  • 4x faster than traditional systems
  • Lasts a family of 4 for 1 year
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Bathroom Vanity Filter System

  • Compact for en-suite bathrooms
  • Space required 335mm x 225mm
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Works with your existing tap
  • Protects tap from limescale buildup
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Hot/cold Ambient Water Filter System

  • Ideal for instantaneous tea or coffee
  • Cheaper & faster than boiling a kettle
  • Use for blanching vegetables
  • Very compact fits under kitchen sink
  • Dual faucet with child safety lever
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Dedicated Filter Tap System

  • Ideal if you like a seperate filter tap
  • Mount filter vertically or horizontally
  • Filter lasts 12 months
  • Alarm sounds for filter change
  • Same great taste
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Three-way Mixer Tap System

  • No seperate tap or drilling needed
  • Delivers hot, cold & filtered water
  • Choice of three tap styles
  • Includes filter kit. Includes connections
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Replacement Filter Cartridges

  • WFA cartridges
  • Everpure Cartridges
  • Omifilter cartridges
  • Rainwater cartridges
  • Fridge Cartridges
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Water Filters for your RV

  • Easy installation
  • Choice of three systems
  • Significantly cheaper than bottled water
  • Durable & long lasting
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Counter Top System & Filter Taps

  • Includes “generic connections” that enables it to be fitted to most under sink filter systems.
  • Chrome plated
  • Lever operation
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Whole House Filter Kits

  • Installed to filter water before it enters the home
  • Filters sediments down to 50 microns
  • High Flow Rate
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