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Inline Water Filter Reviews

coffee-machine“We are living in an area where the water just tastes horrible. We were struggling to get the kids to drink enough water so was buying bottles of water.

We bought an inline water filter and now the children actually like the taste of the water and drink more. We even use it in our coffee machine and it makes such a difference to the taste of the coffee.  It’s changed our lives and we wouldn’t be without it now. I wish we’d bought one sooner!”

Deborah Croucher, Western Sydney


Instagram Water Filter Reviews

WFA-inline-kitOne of our customers posted these two photos to Instagram to show everyone how easy our water filters are to install.

under-sink-water-filter“This mornings job…

Inline Water Filtration…

Job complete.

What a great kit…

Great taste and no chlorine smell anymore.”


This post was a while ago but the customer has since gone on to tell us…

“BTW super easy set up and perfect operation for years now”  @benhewitson via Instagram

 3 Way Mixer Tap Review

“I had a plumber install the 3 way mixer with the filter connection kit. I didn’t want to take any risk with it and I’m glad I did, for my own piece of mind. 

Secondly, WOW!!!! Extremely impressive!!!! 3way-mixer-system

I really like the mixer. It looks great and feels like great quality.The in-laws are coming over this weekend to look at it because they’re now thinking about buying a unit too. And finally, even the plumber was impressed!!!!!!! That was the first time he’d ever seen that system. Now that he’s seen it he wants one for himself!

I’d also like to thank you for all the help I’ve received. And the way you organised everything so quickly for me, incredible!!!!!!!

I can’t thank you enough. Great product, great service and great support.”

Bobby Maric

Customer Service Reviews

“This company has the best customer service I have seen in a long time. I just attended your office in Brookvale and spoke one of your technicians. It appears the problem I had, was caused by myself (oops) however he was more than happy to help me and went over and beyond in doing so. Thank you!”   Nick Alexander, Nov 16 via Facebook

“I received a call that day, and received a new cartridge the very next day. Excellent service. I just wanted to say, the new cartridge has been installed and is working perfectly.” Brad

“Great service too! They text when your filter is coming up for renewal and you get a gift with the delivery, Good Aussie Company!!” Ivona R, May 17 via Facebook

“We have their water filter in our new home. It’s great filtration and their service is fantastic too. Highly recommended.”  HenrynCatherine Ng, May 17 via Facebook

“I just wanted to say thank you to your company for your support after the purchase of a tap system. I had trouble with my original filter and for 6 months it was dripping and would take forever to fill our bottles. Now after receiving the correct cartridge it works a treat.” Mindi M, May 17 via Facebook

“I have had your water filter system for nearly 13 years and recently found I had a leak from one of the water hoses attached to our system. This was the first issue I have had in all this time. I rang to get advice on the issue and want to express my thanks for the excellent service that I received. The service manager rang to discuss the problem and was able to send a tradesman to fix the problem within a day or so. Not only was the problem fixed but your company said that there would be no charge for the service.

In this day and age I found this amazingly generous and I wanted to let you know how much this excellent service meant to my wife and I. It’s very rare to come across companies that treat their customers as well as this and I hope this assists your company to be a force in the industry for many years to come. Thanks again.” Stephen K, May 17 via letter

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