Five everyday uses for filtered water (other than for drinking)

Water is essential for life: drinking, cooking or staying clean. Without fresh water we simply wouldn’t survive.

But when it comes to choosing the safest and healthiest water – you simply can’t go past filtered water.

Not only does it help to remove some of the chemicals and particles that may be found in tap water – chlorine, rust and cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium – it can be used all around your house.

So now the whole family can benefit – even the furry family members!

1. Cleaning your skin

As the largest organ in our body, our skin absorbs anything it comes into contact with. That’s why when it comes to washing your hands and body – the water you use matters.

The chlorine found in tap water can cause havoc to your skin’s health. It strips away the skin’s moisture, leaving it dry, which promotes early aging. It’s also incredibly damaging to your hair. It removes the hair’s natural colour and protective oils, making it dry and dull.

When you wash your skin with filtered water you’re giving it the best chance to naturally shine.

2. Cooking

Cooking with tap water means that your body can ingest chemicals and particles commonly found in our water supply.

By simply introducing filtered water in your cooking you can dramatically reduce this exposure. The good news is that filtered water also retains beneficial minerals that your body needs, such as calcium.

It also improves the taste of your food. Filtered water removes the metallic chlorine taste that tap water produces.

And it makes your food look even better. It helps to keep the natural colours of food throughout the cooking process. Tap water can affect the performance of baking ingredients, such as yeast. So, if you love to bake – your cakes, pastries and breads will be even softer with filtered water.

3. Washing fresh produce

There’s no doubt about it, washing fruit and vegetables before eating or cooking is vital.

That’s because they can be a haven for harmful bacteria and pesticides that linger after farming.

Using filtered water means you can enjoy the flavour of fruit and vegetables without chlorine found in tap water.

4. Caring for your pets

We do a lot to keep our pets safe and healthy every day. Making sure they have a good diet, plenty of exercise and proper training is often top of mind.

What you might not realise is that pets – just like humans – need clean water.

That’s why giving filtered water to your pets makes a lot of sense.

Your pooch will be wagging its tail when you give it filtered water. It’ll be healthier and happier for it.

5. Watering your plants

Your plants – indoor and out – can flourish with filtered water. Chlorine found in tap water can kill bacteria. In excessive amounts this can cause harm to the good soil bacteria that plants need to thrive.

Chlorine can also injure your plant roots, preventing them from growing.

If you notice a visible thin whitish crust on the surface of the soil, it indicates there is a build-up of harmful minerals and salts on your plants from using tap water. You should consider installing a filtered water system to keep your plants healthy and strong.

Great value… incredible benefits

With so many ways to use filtered water in your home, installing a complete filtered water system simply makes sense. It’s the best way to introduce the benefits of clean, safe water to the whole household.

Discover our range of water filtration systems today. Read more interesting filtered water facts.

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