Why filtered water can keep your skin healthy

Skin Secrets

Want to know the secret to healthy skin? It’s pretty simple. Just use filtered water to wash your face every day.

Without the harsh drying effects of the added chlorine in tap water, you may notice that it will feel and look better. That’s what Janet Bugden from the skincare company, Arbonne found when she put this theory to the test.

And Janet is someone who knows healthy skin!

You may remember that Janet filmed a video diary for us when she first had the WFA Vanity water filter installed. She’s now been using filtered water direct from her bathroom tap to wash her face for nearly two weeks and these are the results.

Janet's Video Diary

In Janet’s words,

“I thought I would keep it real with this video and show you my all natural face because at the end of the day isn’t this what we all want? We want to feel confident in our skin. We want to know that if we wear makeup, that’s completely ok but you don’t have to.

And that’s how my skin feels. I’ve been using the Vanity water filter for the past 10 days, washing my face morning and night. And sometimes it’s a really quick wash because sometimes I do run out of time. I am human!

However I have been very consistent with it and my skin feels softer and I think it actually looks better. You can be the judge of that! I’m wearing absolutely no makeup at all! I am loving knowing that what I am putting on my skin is chlorine-free. It is well worth the time and well worth the investment. I could not be happier and more excited to keep going!”

Janet also commented that she loves the convenience of having filtered water straight from the bathroom tap.

The whole family has been using filtered water to clean their teeth and love it because the water filter removes the chlorine. So it tastes better but leaves the fluoride in for strong teeth.

When we asked Janet to sum up her thoughts on the WFA Vanity water filter she said, “ As a busy Mum of two young boys it’s just so easy and it just so nice to know that the water is so clean. It’s one less thing for me to worry about!”

Janet is also testing out our WFA Platinum water filter so watch this space for more real water filter reviews.

The Offer

We’ve teamed up with Janet and Arbonne to offer you the chance to see the benefits of using filtered water on your skin at a special price plus receive a free skincare gift.

WFA is currently offering 20% off a Vanity bathroom filter and will give away a free Arbonne skincare pack with every Vanity sold with this offer.*

What’s included in the FREE skincare trial pack

The free trial pack includes: a smoothing facial cleanser, regenerating toner, intensive renewal serum, corrective eye creme, restorative day cream and night repair cream. It will be sent out with every Vanity water filter sold.*

How to claim your free skincare and 20% off

It’s super simple.

Just head to our online store
and add the Vanity water filter to your shopping cart
Type the coupon code Vanity20 in the box and apply the coupon to the product.

Prefer to talk on the phone? You can also call one of our friendly customer service team and mention the offer.

*Please note that in taking part in the offer your email address will be given to Arbonne who will send you further information on the RE 9 range.

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