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WFA Eco Regular Traveller Kit


  • Ideal if you like a dedicated filter tap
  • Mount horizontal or vertical
  • Annual filter change
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Clear, Pure Water...Wherever Your Travels Take You

The WFA Eco Traveller is specifically designed with travel in mind, providing you with all the benefits of having pure, clean, great tasting filtered water on tap while you are on the road.

It protects your water supply, even if your caravan or RV is not used for a period of time, because it includes a KDF filter that prevents bacterial growth in your RV water system.

The WFA Eco Traveller also includes back flow prevention, ensuring the contaminants in cartridge can’t flow back into the cold water distribution system in your van.

How Does the WFA Eco Traveller System Work?

The WFA Eco Traveller contains 2 types of filters: a KDF filter system and a carbon block water filter.

The KDF filter uses the principle of ‘opposites at work’. As your water passes through your KDF filter some substances are positively charged and others are negatively charged.

This simple process is very effective, allowing the filter to both trap and remove the contaminants, as well as providing hostile conditions that prevent viruses, algae, fungi and bacteria from growing in your tank.

Why is the the WFA Eco Traveller such a Superior Filtration System?

Our WFA Eco Traveller dual filtration system is one of the best filtration methods of improving drinking and bathing water, because it:

  • lasts much longer than carbon-only units, stopping bacterial growth and removing a much wider range of inorganic matter
  • is less expensive than reverse-osmosis units, wastes no water, works at most water temperatures and pressures, and it removes chlorine prevents bacteria from growing in water and costs less than ozone systems
  • outperforms and is cheaper than silver-impregnated carbon filter systems.The KDF filter also helps significantly extend the life of the carbon block water filter part in your WFA Eco Traveller System.

Features of the WFA Eco Traveller System

  • Provides finer filtration than other systems,  filtering out particles one micron in size or larger
  • Saves on storage and fuel, you don’t need to store or cart around heavy bottles of water when you’re on the road
  • Saves money, with each cartridge delivering up to one year’s supply of pure, filtered water at a fraction of the cost of expensive bottled waters
  • Prevents bacterial growth, so there’s no need to remove the filter and put in fridge when not on the road
  • Your water tastes better, regardless of where in Australia your supply is coming from
  • Also available in-store Australia-wide at selected caravan dealerships and repairers
  • Easy to use, the bayonet style cartridge means changing the cartridge is as easy as changing a light bulb.
  • Leaves in fluoride and naturally occurring minerals and salts which are good for you.

The WFA Eco Traveller System filter comes with its own tap and a premium filter cartridge.

There’s no need to purchase another pump as it runs off your existing RV or caravan pump.