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Investing in quality will always pay dividends over the life cycle and performance of most products. This is especially true for water filters. The science in Water Filters Australia filtration technology is activated carbon adsorption, no it’s not a spelling mistake. Adsorption is the process used in our American manufactured top line water filters. It acts like a magnet where contaminants are attracted to the surface of the activated carbon and cling to it. The carbon technology is so advanced that the water filters will filter contaminants the size of 1 micron. For comparison, a grain of sand from the beach is around 80 microns. Our water filters can filter silt and other potential contaminants from your tap water making them one of the most advanced and successful water filter systems on the Australian market.

Improve your health, help the environment and save money all at the same time

Keeping ourselves healthy is a priority and drinking plenty of fresh clean water is one easy element of our daily health routine. Don’t compromise on the quality of your water. Water Filters Australia’s high-quality water filter can remove impurities and contaminants from your drinking water, such as chlorine, cysts, dirt, silt, bad tastes and odours. By ensuring that your water is clean to drink, you can be confident in drinking sufficient amounts of water throughout the day, straight from the tap.

Chlorine and other impurities in tap water can give it a metallic or chemical taste that many people find unpleasant. A top-of-the-range water filter will remove these substances and improve the taste of your water, making it more enjoyable.

By using a water filter in your home, RV or caravan, you can reduce your need for bottled water. Plastic bottles are a major contributor to plastic waste, and bottled water also requires energy to produce and transport creating greenhouse gas emissions. It may seem a small thing but small things add up to big things.

While a top-of-the-range high-quality water filter has an upfront cost, it will save you money in the long run. You’ll no longer need to purchase bottled water, and you’ll also reduce the cost of any water treatment or filtration products you currently use.

And just think of the convenience. With a high-quality water filter, you’ll have access to clean  drinking water right from your tap. This can save you time and make it more convenient to stay hydrated, especially if you’re in a rush or on the go. Additionally, a water filter can be easily installed in your home and requires minimal maintenance, making it a hassle-free option for ensuring access to clean water.

Simple to install, completely discreet and very little maintenance.

Our US-manufactured inline water filters not only offer the best in manufactured quality they are simple to install without any drilling and designed for Australian conditions. They fit snuggly under the sink and can be either in a horizontal or vertical orientation. The only maintenance required is changing the water filter once or twice a year. It is as easy as changing a light bulb and our team will let you know when it’s time to do so.

Water Filters Australia is one of the most trusted brands in Australian water filter systems. Our large range, superior onshore service and exceptional quality are the reasons so many Aussie homes are switching to a filtered water system for us.

Our website is packed with helpful articles, water filter facts, reviews, and recipe ideas for making the most of your water filter system. Call us today; you will be glad you did.

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Our inline water filters are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality and functionality standards. We only supply the foremost independently Watermark Certified water filter systems. With a number of inline home options and a range suitable for caravans and RV’s our Australian distribution centre stocks a complete inventory of certified replacement cartridges and 100% Australian-based customer support.

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