Five good reasons to put some fizz in your filtered water

If you’ve got a water filter then you’ll already love the taste of filtered water. And you’ll know that you can use your water filter for far more than just regular glass of water.

But how about putting some fizz in your filtered water? Have you ever tried that? Did you know that you can make your own sparkling water at home with fresh filtered water?

A simple, quality carbonating system, like a SodaStream is a great way to put some sparkle in your water.

Here are five good reasons why filtered water tastes better in a SodaStream.

The Taste

When you add bubbles to your tap water you can still taste the chlorine. It’s almost exaggerated once the water is carbonated. Switch to filtered water in your SodaStream bottle and you’ll taste the difference. There’s no nasty chlorine taste or bad smell, just fresh, filtered, sparkling water. Great taste and a great base. Drink it fresh or add your favourite fruit or flavour. And really taste the delicacies of that particular flavour.

A tip here is to fill your SodaStream bottle with filtered water straight from the tap via an inline water filter and then chill it in the fridge. By sealing the bottle no fridge odours can affect the taste of the water. Then when you’re ready for your fizzy drink. Use the chilled water from the fridge and fizz it up. Cool sparkling water straight to the dinner table and ready to drink. Especially handy if you entertain a lot!

Save Money

The rise of the recent health and wellness movement has seen many families ditching sugary drinks and making the swap to sparkling water.

“Recent market research says that the sparkling water category will grow by 40% in five years (2015 – 2020), and it is officially the fastest growing carbonated drinks category in the  country.” (Source – SodaStream)

According to SodaStream, the cost of a glass of bottled sparkling water in Australia is $1.70 compared to 10 cents a glass when you use a SodaStream.

Sodastream Australia Managing Director, Mark Fenton says,

“It costs 40 cents per litre to make SodaStream sparkling water, compared to the $6.86 per litre you would pay for a competing brand. Sodastream users average three gas refills a year, which is 180 litres of sparkling water. Therefore, over one year Sodastream users would save, on average $1,162.80, compared to what they would spend on a premium bottled water brand.”

With a SodaStream you can have sparkling water whenever you feel like it for only 40 cents a litre! So there’s more money left over for the fun stuff!

Ditch the Plastic and Save the Environment

Single use plastic bottles are a huge problem for the environment. Surprisingly only 44% of plastic bottles are recycled and the rest go to landfill where they can take up to 1000 years to break down.

The production of plastic water containers requires finite resources. In Australia it’s estimated that it takes 200 ml of oil to and up to seven litres of water to manufacture a single use plastic bottle.

These bottles are heavy and expensive to transport and as a result also cause transport-related pollution.

According to Clean Up Australia, 10% of the rubbish found on Clean Up Australia Day was related to bottled water. Many plastic bottles end up in the ocean where they break into pieces and are a huge problem for marine life.

Ditching the single use bottles and using a reusable bottle to make your own sparkling water on demand will help the planet and our precious wildlife. More on why we should kick the bottled water habit here. 

The Health Benefits - People WANT to Drink More Water

For many people it’s hard to keep up with the recommended eight glasses of water a day.

According to SodaStream, if you carbonate water, people will drink more.

“SodaStream USA surveyed 3,680 Americans and discovered that people with a SodaStream consumed 43% more water and water-based drink than those without a SodaStream. That’s about 3 more glasses of water per day per person!” (Source – US Water Study 2014)

It’s often hard to get children to drink enough water. So by putting some fizz in filtered water you are encouraging kids to drink more. Children also like the process of making their own drinks with a special machine.

A top tip…Make it a fun kitchen activity! Try adding some healthy fruit and your kids will want to drink their creations.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Using filtered water in your SodaStream is better than bottled sparkling water because WFA filtered water still contains fluoride which protects your family’s teeth. It will keep your dentist happy too!

The easiest way to make sure that you have fresh filtered water on tap ready to make your own sparkling water is to install an inline water filter to your existing kitchen tap. You’ll have filtered water available 24/7 to make your favourite sparkling water drink.

So get creative and bring on summer!

Read more interesting filtered water facts.

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