Changing a water filter cartridge is as easy as changing a light bulb

Doing something good for you should never be complicated. Installing a water filter in your home, office, caravan or RV is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure the water you drink is fresh and clean of any unnecessary contaminants. When installed, changing a water filter cartridge once or twice a year should be as easy as changing a light bulb.

We make replacing the cartridge as simple as
1 - 2 - done

Our cartridges are so easy to replace, it only takes a few minutes. You can simply do it yourself, and there’s no need to call a plumber.

What you’ll need:

1. A new replacement cartridge from Water Filters Australia
2.  A dry tea-towel

That’s it.

Step One: Removing the existing cartridge

  • Place the dry tea towel under the filter cartridge.
  • Turn off the cold water under the sink and turn the mixer tap on. (This releases any pressure in the system and helps with easy removal of the used cartridge.)
  • Twist the cartridge anti-clockwise (left) and gently pull. The cartridge will release easily and come off.

You may experience a little residual water escaping from the head. Use the tea towel to wipe this up.

Step Two: Installing the new cartridge

  • Place the new cartridge in the head and line up the cartridge lugs.
  • Give it a good push and twist clockwise (right). Now it’s locked in.
  • Turn the cold water back on and let the water run for 1-2 minutes to activate the water filter cartridge.

That’s it. You’re ready to take advantage of clean, fresh, great tasting, healthy water.

You can watch an easy how-to video on our website.

No need to worry about when to change your cartridge. Water Filters Australia will send you an email when it is time to replace your cartridge. Ordering is just as easy, and we’ll dispatch your replacement cartridge as soon as we receive your order.

A few helpful facts to make using a water filter part of your life

The water filter systems and replacement cartridges from Water Filters Australia are designed and manufactured in the United States to the highest standards. Our water filters use the latest carbon technology with the smallest micron count available: 0.5 microns. Our filter cartridges use the adsorption method where contaminants including chlorine, organic pesticides, chloroform and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), components of petrol, industrial cleaners and solvents, bacteria and silt are highly attracted to activated carbon, enabling the filter to eliminate these pollutants from your tap water.

We have a range of home water filters for every size and style of kitchen. You can keep your existing taps or use one of our stylish range of mixer taps… either way, you don’t need to install an additional tap. We also have systems for your caravan, RV and office that are super easy to install.

You can install our water filter cartridges vertically or horizontally, and they fit discreetly under any sink, including under mount sinks. Most of our water filter systems are easy to install yourself.

You’ll save a small fortune on bottled water, and your family will drink more water straight from the tap. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your tap water is fresh and tastes and smells as clean, pure water should.

You’ll find our website packed with helpful articles, water filter facts, reviews and a few recipe ideas for making the most of your water filter system. Call us today, you’ll be glad you did.

Buy from Australia’s foremost water filter supplier

Our inline water filters are manufactured in the United States to the highest standards of quality and functionality. We only supply the foremost independently watermarked water filter systems. With a number of inline home options and a range suitable for caravans and RVs our Australian distribution centre stocks a complete inventory of certified replacement cartridges and 100% Australian-based customer support.

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