Does filtered water taste better than tap water?

Water: the unsung hero of our daily lives. But amidst the swirling currents of modern living, flavour is a bubbling concern. Why? Because the better it tastes, the more you’ll consume of it. If you are looking to up your H2O game, you might be wondering, does filtered water taste better than tap water? You’ve heard the claims, with many declaring that filtered water reigns supreme, but does it really offer a superior experience?

Indeed, filtered water undeniably tastes better – that’s the straightforward answer. At Water Filters Australia, we understand this fact. But are you curious about why filtered water outshines its tap counterpart when it comes to taste?

The removal of impurities

At WFA, our high-quality filtration systems remove common tap water impurities like chlorine, sediment and heavy metals. These culprits are often responsible for those undesirable, harsh or astringent flavours and odours that may have crossed your palate. Rest assured, water shouldn’t resemble chemicals or bleach. It should be absolutely pure, delivering a refreshing and untainted taste experience.

Sulphur compounds can also be present in tap water, resulting in an unpleasant metallic taste, a perception of staleness and sometimes an odour reminiscent of rotten eggs. Utilising filtration to eliminate these compounds not only enhances the water’s freshness but also elevates its overall taste, making it more palatable and enjoyable. It’s important to note that taste is closely linked to aroma, so both aspects are equally significant for a satisfying drinking experience.

Filtration goes beyond taste improvement. It also rids water of suspended particles and sediment, resulting in crystal-clear water that not only tastes better but looks better too. The elimination of gritty and textural irregularities enhances clarity, elevates the overall cleanliness and has a positive impact on the flavour and your perception of the water.

An improved mineral balance

For effective water filtration, it’s not just about what’s removed but what’s left behind. At WFA, we eliminate impurities while preserving the essential elements that make your water healthy and delicious. In contrast, other methods like reverse osmosis may yield exceptionally pure water, but they can strip it of its natural flavour and all the goodness that Mother Nature intended it to have.

Calcium and magnesium, retained by WFA filters, are not only beneficial for your health but also play a crucial role in enhancing the taste of water.

These naturally occurring minerals, when present in the right proportions, prevent water from having a flat or dull taste. They can even impart a gentle sweetness that elevates the overall flavour profile. Additionally, both minerals are known to influence the water’s mouthfeel, creating a smoother and more enjoyable texture.

Good pH regulation also leads to a purer, more refreshing and crisp water taste. Magnesium and calcium ions play an important role in influencing the pH level of water, helping to maintain the slightly alkaline environment required for balancing acidity and enhancing the flavour profile.

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