Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

How to Install a Platinum Inline Water Filter

You’ve got your new Platinum Inline Water Filter System and the good news is that it is easy to install yourself.  No need to call a plumber. Everything you need is in the box, even plumbing tape! You’ll just need basic tools like a screwdriver and a pencil.

Check out this easy to follow step by step video.

Step One

First, apply plumbing tape to the hex adaptor.

Then connect the adaptor to the outlet of the filter head. You need to create a seal but make sure you don’t over tighten it.

Step Two

Next, apply plumbing tape to the braided hose and screw the hose into the inlet of the filter head.

Take the cap off, line it up, push and twist to secure.

Step Three

Mark the install location for the head and screws. Then screw the head to inside of the kitchen cabinet. We recommend a horizontal position but it can be vertical.

Make some marks for the stabilising bracket screws. Then remove the cartridge, screw on the bracket and reconnect the filter cartridge.

Step Four

Turn off the cold water to the mixer tap and remove the hose.

Apply plumbing tape to end of isolation tap and screw on the dual check valve.

Then connect the inlet from the filter system to the dual check valve and connect the cold water hose from the mixer tap to outlet of the filter head.

Step Five

The final stage is to fix the alarm monitor to the cartridge and activate it. The alarm will go off in 12 months to remind you to reorder your water filter cartridge. This is super simple to do (explained in this simple video).

Remember to to check for leaks by turning on the cold water and reseal if needed. Once it’s ok, turn on the mixer tap and run the water for 2 -3 minutes.

This will purge the air and it activates the water filter so you can enjoy fast flowing filtered water every day!

Any questions. Check out our FAQ page or give our friendly customer service team a call!

Other Important Information

The filter head can be reversed to suit your under sink layout. If you look at the filter front on you have the water coming in on the left and out on the right. If you need to reverse it, just take the bracket off the top (via the four screws). Undo the screws and turn the bracket around. This will swap in the inlet and outlet. This may be easier if you want to install the system on the left hand side

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