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Duo Hot & Cold Filtered Water Dispenser


  • Ideal for instantaneous tea or coffee
  • Cheaper & faster than boiling a kettle
  • Use for blanching vegetables
  • Very compact fits under kitchen sink
  • Ideal for small offices
  • Includes dual faucet with hot water child safety lock
  • Includes WFA Premium Filter System
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  • cheaper and faster than boiling a kettle, consuming less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb
  • ideal for refreshing drinks, instant tea or coffee
  • handy for blanching vegetables
  • perfect for baby formula
  • ideal for small offices and other workplaces, with a capacity of up to 60 cups an hour
  • very compact takes up a small amount of room under kitchen sink

You can rest assured your hot/cold mixer tap filter system is not only making your water taste,

look and smell great…

…it’s also removing any impurities from your drinking water.

Your WFA Premium filter system that connects to the WFA Duo unit is Australian Standards Watermark Certified, and: