Vanity bathroom water filter put to the test

A video review with Arbonne’s, Janet Bugden

FREE skincare offer when you buy a Vanity water filter kit

So why bother with a water filter in your bathroom? And why use filtered water on your face?

Well, tap water contains chlorine. And the chlorine needs to be there as it is a cost effective way of treating large amounts of water. It kills harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes and makes our tap water safe to drink.

We know chlorine doesn’t taste great but what about putting it on your skin?

Chlorine has been known to dry out your skin and contribute to eczema, acne and other skin irritations. Dehydrated skin can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles too.

With the WFA Vanity bathroom water filter system you can wash your face in filtered water without the chemicals, helping to keep your skin clear, hydrated and naturally healthy.

Putting the Vanity Water Filter system to the test… A real review

We decided to get a real review and document the difference using a Vanity water filter can make on your skin and the convenience of having filtered water in the bathroom for your family.

But to conduct the test there was no point in washing our reviewer’s face in fresh filtered water and then putting chemicals on it (a lot of skincare products are packed with harmful chemicals!)

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Janet Bugden. Janet is an Executive Regional Vice President for Arbonne Australia & NZ. Arbonne skincare is pure, safe and beneficial. The skincare range was developed in Switzerland in 1975 with pure botanically based ingredients combining the best of nature with leading science. Janet knows good skin and will be putting the Vanity water filter to the test over the next month…

The filtered water skin test

Janet’s new water filter was installed a few days ago. She couldn’t believe the compact size of the water filter.

Her husband was worried that it would take up too much room and he’s been pleasantly surprised!

Janet has started using her Vanity water filter for her daily skincare routine and is already seeing great results. She sent us this video diary. Watch it below.

“I’ve been using filtered water to wash my face over the past couple of days and it already feels amazing. I can’t even be able to tell you the difference it is making on my skin. When I put it on my skin, when I brush my teeth with the water, it tastes and feels so different.

It’s so important to be educated about water…But (tap) water is packed with chlorine and chemicals and we have to be so super careful with what we are putting in our body and on our skin. It gets absorbed so quickly into our skin. And guys our skin is our largest organ! So be very careful with what you are putting on your skin and the water you are using guys. It really is this easy!”

We’ll be following Janet’s Vanity water filter journey over the next month or so… So stay tuned! In the meantime, we are running a special offer – 20% off a Vanity bathroom filter kit and will give away a free Arbonne skincare pack with every Vanity sold with this offer.

What’s included in the FREE skincare trial pack

The free trial pack includes: a smoothing facial cleanser, regenerating toner, intensive renewal serum, corrective eye cream, restorative day cream and night repair cream. It will be sent out with every Vanity water filter kit sold.*

How to claim your free skincare and 20% off

Prefer to talk on the phone?

You can also call one of our friendly customer service team and mention the offer.
*Please note that in taking part in the offer your email address will be given to Arbonne who will send you further information on the RE9 range. 

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