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Water Filters for a Great Cause

Scott Cam and KidsAt WFA we’re proud to have supported many Australian charities and community events over the years.

A regular cause close to our hearts is the Mcdonald Jones “Build for a Cure Home”. And we are excited to be part of this amazing project again this year.

Our friends at Mcdonald Jones Homes and Walker Corporation have teamed up to build a house in 28 days with the help of volunteers, sponsors and donations.

Inline Water Filter SystemWFA have donated a Platinum inline water filter system for the house. This system will be perfect for the new home buyers because it means the new owners will have fast flowing filtered water direct from their kitchen tap whenever they want it.

Here’s how the “Build for a Cure” house works…

The volunteers have 28 days to build a house. So it’s a bit like “The Block!” And they actually have Scott Cam as an Ambassador! Then, they auction the home off with all the proceeds going to the Children’s Cancer Institute – the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to childhood cancer.

This year the Build for a Cure house is being built in the historical and picturesque town of Appin, Macarthur. It’s 90 minutes west of Sydney and 30 minutes from the beaches of Wollongong. They are building a beautiful two storey, four bedroom house, featuring the Halifax facade and best of all, it comes fully furnished with furniture from Freedom and appliances from Fisher & Paykel…and of course that all important WFA water filter!

On Sunday  17th September it was the big reveal. The home was open for the first time for visitors to take a look through and Scott Cam was there to help show people around.

Photo credit - Domain

In the words of Bill McDonald, Managing Director, McDonald Jones Homes,

“Build for a Cure is a fantastic opportunity for us to give back to families in need as well as do our bit for the health and wellbeing of children across Australia.”

The home will be auctioned off on 22nd October. It’s hoped that it will be sold for over $680,000. And all proceeds will go to the Children’s Cancer Institute to help put an end to childhood cancer. It’s well worth checking out the home and supporting this amazing fundraising  initiative. We wish them all the best and hope they get a great price at auction.

If you would like to make a donation. Head to the Build for a Cure website and buy a virtual gold brick, you will go in the draw for a $30,000 home furnishing package.

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