Water filters save time and money

Water filters save time and money. You spend less time shopping for bottled water, not wasting time nicking down to the shops for only one item, and no more spending unnecessary cash. A water filter is simple to install and, with Easter camping trips on the horizon, add one to your caravan or RV and save a few dollars when you are on the road.

Fresh clean and healthy drinking water doesn’t need to be purchased from the supermarket. It is available directly from your tap at home. A well-designed and effective water filter clears tap water of contaminants, improves the taste and smell, and ensures the water from your tap is in tip-top shape.

There is no build-up of unwanted plastic bottles in your home and you will save a small fortune by not constantly buying bottled water. It is more expensive than petrol and with the Easter holidays coming, who wants to be forking out for overpriced fuel and adding extra dollars to the trip by buying a few bottles of water when you can simply bring it yourself from home?

So easy to install

It is fair to say we put off buying things that need to be installed. It all seems a little too hard, and finding the time to do it is never easy.

The installation of an inline water filter from Water Filters Australia is so streamlined that anybody can do it in less than 30mins. There is no drilling or plumbing needed. It fits into any new or existing cold water hose and simply connects inline between the cold water isolation tap and the mixer tap. There is only one way it can go and we supply very easy to follow instructions that make the installation a breeze.

When it comes time to replace the cartridge we’ll send you a message, and the swap over is as simple as changing a light bulb. Much of our success is built on the quality of our US-manufactured water filter systems and the ease of installation. These are two of the main reasons why so many of our customers recommend us to their friends and family.

The ideal travelling companion

A final camping trip before winter kicks in is on many people’s schedules. Getting away with family creates memories that last a lifetime. With the cost of living biting into budgets, any way to save a few dollars and still enjoy the lifestyle that Australians love all helps.

Installing a water filter into your caravan or RV is a smart decision. It saves room by not having an esky full of bottled water. It will ensure you and the family have access to clean drinking water wherever your adventure takes you and you will save time and money by not buying bottled water on your trip. It just makes sense and we make it easy with water filter systems specifically designed and manufactured for the caravan or RV.

Drinking clean, healthy and fresh drinking water is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. At Water Filters Australia we only sell the very best in water filter technology. We make the installation easy and we keep you notified when it is time to change the cartridge. Saving time and alleviating the need to continually spend money on unnecessary things like bottled water adds value to every household.

Make the switch from bottled water to filtered water at home today and you’ll be surprised by how much you save.

Our website is packed with helpful articles, filtered water facts, reviews, and recipe ideas for making the most of your water filter system. Call us today; you’ll be glad you did.

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Our inline water filters are available online from our Australian distribution centre. They are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality and functionality standards. We only supply the foremost independently Watermark Certified water filter systems. With a number of inline home options and a range suitable for caravans and RVs, we stock a complete inventory of certified replacement cartridges and 100% Australian-based customer support.

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