Water restrictions start December 10

Our country is ablaze, the drought is worsening, and we’re not getting enough rain. It’s been a scary start to the summer and now’s the time to take action.

Starting December 10, Level 2 water restrictions will be enforced for all homes and businesses across Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.

Dam levels

According to WaterNSW, as of December 5, the total water storage across Greater Sydney was sitting at just 45.2%.

With more than half our water gone, everything we do to conserve our water – no matter how minor – will make a positive impact on the Greater Sydney supply.

WFA Dam Levels

What’s to come

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a hot summer ahead. And with no sign of significant rain in the near future, these water restrictions aim to conserve our precious water supply for the tough times ahead.

Level 2 water restrictions are put into place to limit how and when we use our water, both indoors and outdoors.

Things like watering your garden, washing your car and filling your pool will all be affected.

Here’s a handy guide on what to expect:

Restrictions ways to save water

Credit: Sydney Water

The importance of a good home water filtration system

It’s always a good idea to have a high quality home water filtration system, but especially so when water restrictions are in place and our regular drinking supply may not be at its best.

Not only do all WFA water purification filters remove odours and bad taste, but they also remove nasty contaminants such as chlorine and cysts.

Plus, if parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium should happen to be in the water supply, they’ll be removed as well. But don’t worry – we make sure to keep the fluoride in to ensure your teeth stay happy and healthy!

With WFA water filter systems, your family can enjoy fresh, filtered water without any of the unseen nasties, every day.

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