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When to Change your Water Filter Cartridge

Why should I change my water filter cartridge?

Think of your water filter system a bit like a car. If you don’t change the oil filter and oil in your car, the oil will get dirty and stop lubricating the engine. Eventually the engine will wear out…and your car will grind to a halt.

Well, it’s much the same with a water filter cartridge.

But how long does it take before that happens with your water filter and how long does a standard under sink water filter cartridge actually last?

When should I change my water filter cartridge?

Well, it really depends on the type of water filter you buy. But where you live and the quality of the water has a huge influence too. For example, in an area with lots of contaminants in the water, the filter cartridge just won’t last as long.

However, in most metropolitan areas,  a WFA Platinum inline water filter cartridge in an average family home will last approximately 12 months.

Woman drinking a glass of water

Here are a few clues to help you know when to change your water filter cartridge.

  • The filtered water starts to taste and smell different. You’ll notice the chlorine taste again!
  • The water flow starts to slow down. This is because the filter is beginning to get clogged up with particles. When this happens, the filter still works but the carbon is not doing its job properly. So eventually if a water filter cartridge is not changed, over time the carbon becomes less and less effective. It can’t capture the particles anymore. To the point where it will become totally clogged up and not work at all…and could become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • The digital alarm we supply will go off. So if you hear a beeping under your sink, it’s time to change your cartridge. This will happen at 11 months.
  • You’ll get a call from our friendly customer service team at 11 months too,  another friendly reminder to change the cartridge and check everything is ok.


Handy Hint

It’s always good to have a spare cartridge under your sink so it’s ready to change over, if you start to notice any of the above signs. It’s easy to do this with our special deals on double packs.

No excuses for not changing your cartridge now and enjoying fresh great tasting filtered water everyday.

Talk to one of our friendly customer service team today or visit our online store.

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