Chlorine in drinking water - friend, foe or both?

Chlorine has been added to our drinking water for years. It is the first line of defence, a weapon of mass destruction, killing germs and waterborne bacteria and viruses that can make us ill. This method of disinfecting drinking water is common, however does that mean we have to consume it. What can we do to ensure we are not ingesting, smelling and tasting chlorine by simply having a glass of water?

At Water Filters Australia, we design and manufacture the most sophisticated mechanical water filters available. Using the pores within carbon, our water filters remove 99% of residual chlorine from the drinking water coming from your tap. You will immediately taste and smell the difference.

It is not only chlorine that can cause problems. Dirt, rust and other nasty contaminants can be affecting your drinking water, placing your health at risk. Water Filters Australia uses sophisticated barrier technology combined with the porous properties of carbon to ensure nothing but pure, sparkling clean, fresh water fills your glass.

Filtered water - why compromise

Filtration is the key to healthy, clean and safe drinking water. Drinking water, sourced from enormous man-made reservoirs and catchments, endures a long and often complex journey from its point of origin to your home.

The majority of drinking water we use does not get the advantage of natural environmental filtration and can be compromised along the way. Adding chlorine is necessary to safeguard against waterborne nasties, which is great. However, chlorine is essentially a bleach; unpleasant and harmful.

Most of us have experienced the odour and taste of chlorine. When visiting the local pool or jumping into the one at home, the added chlorine can burn your eyes and do more than tickle your nostrils. It is not the taste or experience we want when using water from our tap to cook our food and quench our thirst.

What to do about it?

Most Australians have access to good quality drinking water, due in part to the richness of our freshwater supply, relatively small comparative population and robust water compliance management.

However, as our urban footprint intensifies, our water management systems become increasingly stressed, putting added pressure onto our water quality. We can make small but significant changes to safeguard our health.

Installing an easy low cost Australian manufactured water filter to your home, business or club provides an added layer of security to your drinking water. Filtering out unwanted added toxins, such as chlorine, goes a long way to reducing contamination and avoiding unnecessary health risks.

Our customers tell us that after they have installed their water filter from Water Filters Australia, the water smells cleaner, is sparkling clear and tastes so much better. For cleaner authentic drinking water and peace of mind contact Water Filters Australia today. Read more filtered water facts here.

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