Five ways to flavour filtered water

Do you struggle to keep up your daily water intake? Are you bored with drinking endless cups of water to stay hydrated? Why not add some natural ingredients to give the flavour of your filtered water a boost and keep you hydrated!

And adding flavour doesn’t mean adding calories. There are plenty of easy ways to use natural ingredients like fruit, vegetables and tea to make water exciting.

And by using filtered water you won’t be adding any possible nasties that can harm your health. So ditch the high sugar artificial flavours for natural ingredients and your body will thank you for it.

1. Lemon lime infused water

Lemon and lime – a summertime classic – is a perfect pair of natural ingredients to add to filtered water. They bring a tangy twist of flavour that will leave you wanting more. Plus, lemon is packed with high amounts of Vitamin C and is great for promoting good digestion.

Simply cut ½ lemon and ½ lime into thin slices and add to a jug of 4 cups of cold filtered water. Store in the fridge to keep it cool before serving. The longer the lemon and lime sit in the water the higher the potency of flavour!

2. Strawberry and cucumber infused water

Take plain water to the next level with this delightful sweet drink. And it couldn’t get much easier. Add ripe strawberries with cucumber to create a perfect drink for the warmer months.

Simply cut one or two large strawberries into pieces and thinly slice a cucumber. Add to 4 cups of cold filtered water and serve! Store in the fridge for up to two days.

3. Cold-brewed iced tea with fruit

A sweet summertime refresher, this cold-brewed iced tea with fruit drink will be a crowd-pleaser. Get creative and add in your favourite fruit flavours, whether it’s – berry mint: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mint leaves, or peach mint: peach slices, raspberries and mint leaves.

Add one teabag for every 100ml of room temperature filtered water. Allow the tea to brew for up to one hour. Add in your favourite fresh fruit and then refrigerate for 12-24 hours.

Remove the teabag and sweeten with a natural syrup (if you wish). You can mix with equal parts honey and hot water as a sugar alternative. Serve with ice for a refreshing summer drink.

4. Orange, lemon and mint infused water

This flavoured water packs a serious punch. Kick start the day or give your body a natural boost during winter. Orange and lemon naturally contain high amounts of Vitamin C and natural antioxidants. And if you are looking to take it up a notch, add in a touch of freshly grated ginger to help keep your immune system strong and ward off germs.

You will need ½ lemon and ½ orange cut into thin slices. Finely chop a bunch of mint leaves and add to 4 cups of cold filtered water. Refrigerate for at least one hour before drinking.

5. Cucumber and mint infused water

The subtle flavour of cucumber with the sharp, sweet taste of mint brings a refreshing ‘cool’ taste to your everyday water.

Take a pinch of mint and add in a few slices of cucumber and you are on your way to some seriously cool water. And because these ingredients can be found any time of year… you can enjoy it any season.

Finely chop a small bunch of mint leaves and thinly slice the cucumber. Add to 4 cups of cold filtered water. Store in the fridge for a few hours before serving to allow the ingredients to steep and strengthen.

Flavour your filtered water to stay refreshed and hydrated

At WFA, we believe that water should be healthy, free from nasties and taste great. And adding natural flavours and ingredients will keep you inspired and hydrated. Now is the time to experience water at its best. Browse our range of fantastic water filtration systems.

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