Tips for staying cool in a heatwave

It’s a sizzling Australian summer this year with temps reaching over 40 degrees on some days…Phew!

The NSW Health Department has four key messages in the event of a heatwave and we thought we’d share them with you, along with a few of our own WFA tips to help keep you cool, avoid dehydration and stop heat stress.

Number 1 is a pretty obvious one... Drink plenty of water!

Yep… lots and lots of water. And even better if it’s fresh, filtered water on tap. It just tastes better. So you, your family and even your pets will just want to drink more!

Also, try to avoid hot drinks, sugary drinks and alcohol as they can contribute to dehydration. Filtered water is the best option for keeping hydrated for sure!

Freeze it, cool it down in the fridge, run it under your wrists, splash it on your face but above all else… just drink it!

If you have to travel on public transport carry filtered water with you in a reusable water bottle so you can keep up your water intake.

Number 2 is to...keep cool

Avoid unnecessary physical activity and stay inside. If you don’t have air conditioning at home or work…seek it out.

Join the local library or visit the local shopping centre. Now’s the time to take a trip to the cinema and catch up on the latest blockbuster.

Have a cool shower or a bath.

Also, make sure you’re dressed appropriately in light, breathable loose fitting clothing. Now is not the time to be channelling your inner Goth and wearing black!

Number 3...Take Care of Others

That means take special care of the young and elderly. Make sure that they are drinking enough water too.

Again, filtered water is best as without the chlorine taste, they’ll actually want to drink it!

A good idea to help them drink more filtered water is to infuse it with fruit and or freeze it to make ice lollies.

Look after your furry friends. Make sure their water bowls are full too.

A tip here is to freeze filtered water in ice trays and put ice in their water bowls so pets can lick it to cool down.

Don’t walk dogs in the heat of the day and don’t leave pets in locked cars, even with the air conditioning on.

Number 4...Have a plan!

Know the signs of dehydration to look out for. Feeling dizzy, tired, thirsty or faint are all signs of dehydration.

In extreme weather if dehydration isn’t treated properly it can lead to heat stroke – a life-threatening condition where the body temperature rises above 40.5C. This can lead to loss of consciousness, seizure and even coma. Immediate first aid is necessary and emergency action required.

The Department of Health have a list of symptoms. If heat stroke is suspected, dial 000 and call for an ambulance.

The general advice is that if you feel unwell during a heatwave – seek medical advice.

Now lets get back to Number 1...Drink heaps and heaps of filtered water!

The easiest way to have fresh, filtered water on tap is to invest in a water filter system. A WFA Platinum inline water filter system will turn your existing cold kitchen tap water into a filtered water. Too easy!

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