Inline water filters and Australian city water

In every major Australian city, you’ll find bustling crowds and striking modern infrastructure and amenities, including reliable water supplies. However, the quality of tap water varies across regions, presenting challenges for households preferring clean, purified drinking water. While inline water filter systems can ensure you enjoy this year-round, it’s important to be aware of the common issues faced by urban dwellers.

At Water Filters Australia, we’re committed to offering top-quality products in the water filtration market. Our under-sink water filters are easily installed and guarantee that you can confidently use tap water wherever you may live in this beautiful country.

Common issues with city water

Many major Australian cities struggle with hard water, which contains high concentrations of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. While not harmful to our health, hard water can leave mineral deposits in pipes and appliances, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. In Sydney, water is considered ‘soft’ with a hardness level of about 50mg/L. If you look at the water hardness map of Australia, Victoria and Tasmania have the softest water, while Western Australia and South Australia have some of the hardest.

Pollution is another issue plaguing our urban environments. It comes from various sources, including industrial runoff, agricultural activities and urban development.

This pollution can introduce harmful contaminants into the water supply, posing risks to human health.

To disinfect water and make it safe for consumption, water treatment plants often use chlorine or chloramine. While effective at killing pathogens, these chemicals can impart an unpleasant taste and odour to tap water.

With the rise of plastic pollution, microplastics have infiltrated water sources worldwide, including our major cities. These tiny plastic particles are potential health hazards when consumed via tap water.

Drinking water in Sydney

In Sydney, one of Australia’s most iconic cities, tap water comes from rain stored in lakes and reservoirs surrounded by native bushland, and the quality generally meets national standards, making it safe for consumption.

However, due to a stringent filtering and cleaning process, it can be subject to a metallic or chlorine taste and odour.

As mentioned above, Sydney water is also notably soft due to treatment processes designed to maintain a lower mineral content. This softness is gentler on skin, hair, and household appliances. Thus, despite occasional taste variations, Sydney water is a hallmark of good-quality urban water.

How inline water filters help

Regardless of which city you live in and how the water quality measures up, an inline water filter can ensure you have access to completely pure drinking water straight from your tap. Using advanced technology with activated carbon, we remove impurities and contaminants through multi-stage filtration. This includes mineral content, pollutants, chlorine, chloramine and even microplastics.

WFA inline filters also incorporate specialised media to soften water by reducing mineral content. This will prevent mineral buildup in pipes and appliances, prolonging their lifespan and enhancing overall water quality.


Lastly, we don’t take everything out, and that’s a good thing. Our filters preserve essential minerals like fluoride. We need fluoride in our drinking water because it plays a vital role in dental health, preventing tooth decay and promoting strong teeth.

Buy from Australia’s foremost water filter supplier

Don’t let concerns or challenges over your city’s water compromise your family’s health and well-being. Invest in an inline water filter and enjoy clean, healthy water to keep your household hydrated and refreshed. With simple installation and low maintenance requirements, the process couldn’t be any easier.

At WFA, our inline water filters are available online from our Australian distribution centre. They are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality and functionality standards. We only supply the foremost independently Watermark Certified water filter systems. With a number of inline home options and a range suitable for caravans and RV’s we stock a complete inventory of certified replacement cartridges and 100% Australian-based customer support.

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