Installing a water filter makes a difference

We do drink a lot of water in our house, and a year ago with installed a water filter that made a real difference. With four active and sport-crazy teenagers plus my husband and me, we are a water-drinking household. We gave up on buying bottled water as it seemed so unnecessary and expensive – and soft drinks and energy drinks aren’t a healthy family choice.

The problem was, the kids complained about the taste of our tap water and to be fair I had to agree with them. It also smelled a little off at times and this was stopping the family from using tap water for their drink bottles.

We tried a water cooler with large water bottles. It seemed a great idea and it worked for a while. The kids used it, but the logistics became a nightmare.

We were going through a few bottles a week. The stand and refill bottles took up room, plus we had large empty bottles spread everywhere. I was buying the bottles from Officeworks and whilst there I would end up buying some other things I really didn’t need. Sticky notes, a new stapler, whatever was in the specials bin. I think most of this stuff is still in the backseat of my car!!

Whilst the idea did offer a solution to the tap water, we found ourselves spending unnecessary money on bottled water, losing space in the house and I was making extra trips to the shops that I didn’t expect.

A friend recommended the inline water filter

It may be a first world problem, but I was complaining about the water cooler to a friend. She knew exactly what I was talking about. Her family had the same issues. Sports mad teenagers at home who had become accustomed to buying bottled water and not using the tap water.

“When you multiple four teenagers by five bottles a week at $3.50 a bottle, that adds $70 per week to your shopping bill,” she said. “That’s over $3500 a year; what could you do with that in your pocket?” she added.

She told me about the water filter system she had installed from Water Filters Australia. My husband went to her place to check it out. Simple to install, and set and forget. He was sold straight away. I tried the water from her tap and couldn’t believe the difference. The water just tasted better and had no odour.

So we ordered the inline water filter system. My husband, who is not that handy really, had the whole thing installed and working within half an hour. He walked around the house for the rest of the day with his tool belt on, fixing a range of little issues, thinking he was a super handyman.

It has been twelve months now. I’ve only bought the odd bottle of water since and haven’t heard one complaint from the kids who now fill their water bottles from the kitchen tap.

We are drinking more water as a household. The savings are measurable, and I no longer worry about having clean bottled water in the house. It is a small thing to do but has made a big difference to our family.

Winne Brady – Victoria

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