Five reasons why an instant hot water filter system is a good idea

1. Save Money and Space

A WFA Duo instant hot water filter system is a cost effective and space saving option.

It’s less than half the cost of leading competitors. Research has shown that it’s cheaper than the annual cost of running a 40 watt light bulb!

The replacement cartridges are inexpensive too and easy to change by yourself.

The other big plus is that the unit doesn’t take up much space. It’s small, compact and doesn’t need an extra vent.

2. Save Time with More Productive Office Meetings

How many great business ideas and successful companies have started around the kitchen table over a cup of tea or coffee?

Or what about those early morning breakfast meetings at the office? When you’re working to a tight deadline and you’ve no time to pop out for coffee or boil the kettle several times.

No worries. Just install a hot water filter system at the office.

Imagine the convenience of hot cups of coffee or tea for your team in an instant. You’ll save time. So there’s more time for brainstorming, productivity and the next big idea while enjoying your morning coffee.

3. Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

There’s more to making a cup of tea than just boiling a kettle.

Many tea connoisseurs claim that a good tea is like a fine wine and the water in a cup of tea is as important as the tea itself.

If you use hard water that has high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium or heavily chlorinated water it can affect the enjoyment and taste of the tea.

The best tasting tea is made with filtered water.

Dihan Fernando, son of Dilmah Tea Founder, Merrill J. Fernando, believes the quality of the water is very important. And he suggests to use, “Filtered water, boiled once, ideally because when you boil more times it becomes a little depleted of oxygen.” (Source – Dilmah Tea)

The lack of oxygen can affect the taste. Some tea experts believe it’s better to make your tea with steaming hot water rather than boiling water.

Premium leaf teas like green and white tea need to be made with water at specific temperatures.

“For a good leaf tea the water should be below boiling. The reason for this is that the amino acids (the flavour producers) dissolve at lower temperatures than tannin. Tea made with water at 100 degrees will taste less sweet and more astringent”. (Source – the Rare Tea Company)

Michelin starred chefs suggest specific temperatures for the best results.

For example, with white teas it’s best to use water at about 70°c, green and herbal teas at 80°c and for black and oolong teas around 85°c

So the answer to the perfect tea is a temperature control instant hot water filter system. With a WFA Duo Hot and Cold filtered water unit you can adjust the temperature and have instant hot water on demand.

So when it’s time for tea all the subtle flavours will remain and you can enjoy a great tasting cuppa.

4. Easy Entertaining for Family and Friends

Dinner parties and get-togethers are great when you’re the guest. But it can be a real drag for hosts when the meal ends and it’s coffee and liqueur time. Catering for a big party can be time consuming with one kettle.  A regular kettle only holds enough water for about 6 cups of coffee or tea.

With a WFA instant hot water filter system you’ll have the capacity to offer 60 cups an hour! That’s plenty of Irish coffees and Amarettos to go around!

5. More Creative Cooking Ideas

Why not use instant hot water for blanching vegetables and create something different for dinner?

For those not familiar with this cooking technique, blanching is to put veggies in boiling water for a minute or two and then immediately into a bowl of iced water.

Perfect if you are serving cold vegetables as an alternative to raw. Blanched vegetables maintain their colours so look great on a platter if you are entertaining.

Blanching is also a clever short cut for easy peeling of tomatoes or peaches. It cleans the surface of the fruit or vegetables and helps slow down the loss of nutrients.

With instant hot water on demand and pre-frozen ambient filter water ice cubes, you’ll be cooking up new recipes and wowing your friends at your next dinner party!

These are just a few of the great uses for an instant hot water filter system in your home or office. The convenience of having hot steaming and ambient filtered water through the same tap at a cost effective price will give you a few more ideas. We would love to hear how you use yours.

Want to try one? Buy a WFA Duo Hot and Cold Water Filter System today.

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