Make the switch to filtered water

Every new year we make a list of lifestyle changes for the forthcoming year. Joining a gym, taking better care of our finances and sticking to a diet seem to be on most people’s priority list. The reality can be a little different and sticking to our goals is generally harder than we imagined.

If this is you, then you’re in the majority.

Whilst the enthusiasm for the gym may dwindle and the diet may not last, we can do something about our daily wellbeing and financial health by making the switch to filtered water, drinking more water from the tap. Water is the elixir of life, plentiful, easy to access and very cheap compared to other rehydration fluids.

The other question is why do we spend so much money purchasing bottled water, wrapped in plastic, when we have it at our fingertips in our homes? The answer is simple. We think bottled water tastes better, seems cleaner, isn’t cloudy and smells better. We’ve become accustomed to bottled water and we’re paying through the teeth for it.

Do something for your health and your finances in 2022

The past two years of lockdowns and stay at home orders have focused the lens for many on the small things such as our water consumption. There is no doubt that working and studying from home has meant we are drinking more water, which is a positive shift; however, our routines have changed. No longer are we picking up a bottle or two of water at the service station on our way to work, or from the 7-11 before hopping on the train or bus.

Parents aren’t putting a bottle of purchased water in their children’s school bags. These small but significant changes to our normal routines have changed the way we look at our water consumption habits.

In many households, the demand for tap water to more closely resemble what we felt from the bottled water has surged. The most effective solution is to install a quality manufactured carbon water filter system that not only supplies cleaner, better tasting and smelling water from the tap but is also financially advantageous.

What many of our customers have now realised is that not only does their filtered water taste, smell and look better, they are enjoying a small but very handy financial windfall.

It is staggering to know that an average 600ml bottle of water in Australia costs almost $4. To put that in perspective, it is around 2500 times more expensive to buy a 600ml bottle of water than to pour 600ml of water from your tap at home. A couple of bottles a day over a year… and you get the idea.

More than better looking and tasting water

The health benefits of drinking filtered water are well documented. The carbon filters are beautifully enhanced to remove all manner of pollutants that can be harmful to our bodies. Dust, dirt, rust and cysts are not unusual in tap water. The pores within the carbon filter remove these pollutants and, along with them, unpleasant tastes and odours caused by chlorine and other disinfecting chemicals. Other contributing factors such as ageing underground pipes and fluctuating dam levels also contribute to the look, smell and taste of tap water.

By installing a USA manufactured water filter from Water Filters Australia, you are assured of getting the highest quality water filter system in Australia. Very easy to install, highly effective and financially advantageous, the benefits to you and your family’s health and the cost savings are impossible to ignore.

It is time to make the switch

Whilst the gym membership may be waning and the diet might start next month or even after the Easter break, you can make the switch to cleaner drinking water and tick a box toward restoring a healthier bank balance.

At Water Filters Australia, our mission is to provide Australian households with the finest in advanced water filter technology and manufacturing quality.

Our water filter systems are easy to install and come with extended warranties and quality replacement cartridges that ensure you have access to the safest and tastiest water right at home without the hassle and financial burden of constantly spending good money on one of Australia’s most abundant natural resources.

Contact us today and begin enjoying what your tap water can be.

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