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Everpure H104 Cartridge


The Everpure manufactured H104 water filter cartridge provides up to 40 times finer filtration than other systems whilst delivering one years * supply of clean, clear healthy water at a fraction of the cost of expensive bottled waters.

The H104 water filter cartridge is typically used as a replacement cartridge for an Everpure under sink water filter system with a dedicated filter tap. A larger capacity cartridge to the H54 but with the same filtration specifications.

The filter cartridge should only be used in the filtration of disinfected municipal water supplies.

Features & Benefits

  • The H104 cartridge filters out particles half a micron in size or larger. By way of comparison the diameter of human hair is 75 microns – so the H104 cartridge removes particles 150 times smaller than the diameter of hair.
  • Contaminants removed include cryptosporidium, giardia, rust, asbestos fibres and sediment. Whilst the activated carbon compound within the cartridge removes chlorine, bad tastes and odours.
  • The filtration process also inhibits lime scale build up in water using appliances.
  • The cartridge is bayonet style which makes changing the cartridge every 12 months as easy as changing a light bulb.
  • The filter process does not remove naturally occurring minerals and salts.
  • The H104 filter does not remove fluoride.
  • Environmentally friendly reducing plastic bottle waste
  • Annual capacity the equivalent of  630 x 600 ml bottles of water
  • Great for drinking, cooking, baby formula, washing fruit and vegetables, ice, tea and coffee.


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