Omnifilter OCT2 Countertop System



Flow Rate Subject to influent water pressure

Cartridge Change Every 12 months or sooner if flow rate slows

Pressure 170 to 860 kPa

Temperature 5 to 38 C

Warranty 1 year (excludes filter cartridge)


This countertop system from Omnifilter attaches directly to the end of your kitchen tap. This is an ideal solution for people on the move or where the plumbing does not enable an undersink system to be installed. No plumbing required.

However, please note that the kitchen tap must have an aerator at the end of the spout to enable the countertop system to be installed.

This system is now supplied with a 1 micron carbon block filter cartridge.

For replacement cartridges please use the Omnifilter CB1 or CB3 filter cartridge.

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