WFA RWF-7 Cartridge


The WFA RWF-7 Filter is designed to filter rainwater which is being used within the home, connected to washing machines and toilets.  The internal filter cartridge is manufactured using the most advanced technology, impregnated pleated carbon for the treatment of colour and odours whilst removing particles 15 microns or larger from the water supply.

The quick change bayonet style cartridge makes filter replacement easy and sanitary.

Installed after the rainwater tank pump and after any diversion device the RWF-7 Cartridge should only be used where the rainwater harvesting system is servicing a maximum of three (3) connections.


Features & Benefits

  • Contaminants removed/reduced include sediment, colour and odours, all particles down to 15 microns in size.
  • Must be installed vertically.
  • This filter should be replaced either annually or when the flow rate becomes inconveniently slow.
  • Connects to Everpure QL2 HEAD Assembly Only.


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