The best inline water filters

The best inline water filters for Australian conditions are available from Water Filters Australia. Easy to install and easy on the pocket, our systems save households time and money whilst ensuring the family has access to clean, fresh-tasting water.

Whether you are in the market for a kitchen system, one for the bathroom, or a dedicated filter tap system, we supply and distribute inline water filters, manufactured in the US, watermarked and certified, and perfectly designed for Australian conditions, no matter where you live.

Easy to install with no drilling

Water Filter Australia delivers the easiest and most affordable water filters directly to your home. The bayonet fittings means they need no drilling or plumbing. They fit seamlessly either vertically or horizontally into any new or existing cold water hose. They simply connect inline between the cold water isolation tap and the mixer tap and begin their work, filtering contaminants from your tap water for clean, healthy, fresh-tasting water.

Changing the cartridge is as easy as swapping out a light bulb, and we’ll send you a message when it’s time for a new one. No mess, no plumbing costs, no stress and you’ll save a bundle not paying for bottled water.

The benefits of a water filter

We all love a glass of cold, clean, fresh water straight from the tap. The reality is tap water can contain containments. Rust, dirt, silt, giardia, cysts, cryptosporidium and chlorine all effect the quality of the water we drink. These are invisible to see but can make the tap water smell bad, taste off and have the potential to cause illness.

We should drink at least 1.5L of water daily, and buying bottled water to get our necessary hydration adds up to an expensive exercise. Filtered water solves the problem by ensuring your tap water is at its optimum every time you turn on the tap. It is more than peace of mind. It is about the health of your body and the health of your bank account.

Your family’s teeth need fluoride

The fluoride found in tap water is essential to the health of your and your family’s teeth. Our water filter systems eliminate contaminants such as rust, dirt, silt, giardia, cysts and cryptosporidium without removing fluoride. Fluoride-free bottled water has an alarming effect on the health of our children’s teeth, contributing close to 50% of cases of tooth decay in children under the age of 6. The issue is worse when you replace tap water with soft drinks, flavoured mineral water and fruit juice, which are devastating to the health of a young person’s teeth. Drinking water directly from the tap is the best source of consistent fluoride for growing teeth.

There are a host of reasons to install an inline water filter in your home.

  • Perfectly safe, healthy, clean water encourages the family to drink more water more often.
  • You’ll save a bundle on not buying bottled water from the supermarket or shops.
  • It is much better for the environment with fewer plastic bottles clogging up our waterways.
  • Installing a water filter is a lot more affordable than you think and super easy to do.

Our website is packed with helpful articles, water filter facts, reviews, and recipe ideas for making the most of your water filter system. Call us today; you’ll be glad you did.

Buy from Australia’s foremost water filter supplier

Our inline water filters are available online from our Australian distribution centre. They are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality and functionality standards. We only supply the foremost independently Watermark Certified water filter systems. With a number of inline home options and a range suitable for RVs and caravans, we stock a complete inventory of certified replacement cartridges and 100% Australian-based customer support.

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