The problem with water filter jugs

Water filter jugs are a good introduction to filtered water, but to be honest they are not always the most stylish, convenient or practical long-term solution.

Because once your family has fallen in love with the taste and health benefits of filtered water they’ll want to drink more. And you’ll find yourself constantly having to refill your water jug and change your filter cartridges.

So what’s your best alternative for your family once you’ve outgrown your water filter jug?

The stylish, space-saving solution

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and when you’ve invested money into building or renovating a beautiful kitchen you don’t want to clutter your bench top with a water filter jug or drill unnecessary holes in your bench top for an additional filter tap.

A dedicated inline water filter discretely connects underneath your bench to your existing tap, eliminating the need for a separate filter tap or filter jug. Easy to install, either horizontally or vertically, an inline filter allows you to enjoy your filtered water without impacting on the aesthetic of your kitchen design.

The long-lasting solution

The problem with filter jugs is you are continually having to refill them from your kitchen tap.  And if you’ve got children or teenagers in your home it’s more likely than not that when you go to enjoy a glass of filtered water yourself you’ll find the jug empty again.

With an inline water filter system you’ll never have to refill a filter jug again. Because your kitchen tap becomes a 24/7 water filter, eliminating the need for a jug that constantly needs to be topped up.

The healthy solution

Sure, filtered water from a jug tastes good, but does your family always remember to drink the water from the jug? Or is it simply quicker and easier for them to use the kitchen tap?

When you replace a filter jug with an inline water filter system you know your family are getting the health benefits of filtered water every single time they turn on the tap.

And when filtered tap water tastes this good, you know they’re more likely to stay hydrated, as well as getting the protection and health benefits of fluoridated water, without any of the nasties that spoil the taste, odour and colour of tap water.

A dedicated inline water filter also provides an easy, tasty alternative to high-sugar drinks, which makes it easy for you all to make the healthy choices that really add up. Healthy choices that protect their teeth and their waistline.

The safe solution

Filtered water has so many health benefits for your family…but only if you remember to change your filter regularly.

If you forget to change your filter cartridge the build-up of trapped contaminants will not only block your water filter and slow down the flow…they can also begin to rot in the filter and grow mould. This not only makes your water taste bad…it can actually make you very sick!

And because the filter in a filter jug is so much smaller than a dedicated inline filter attached to your kitchen tap, a filter jug cartridge needs to be changed far more frequently, making it very easy to forget when you last changed it.

However, with an inline filter system, you only need to change your cartridge once a year. And each cartridge comes with its own inbuilt alarm, or an email or phone call to remind you as well.

So you’ll never forget when it needs changing.

Ensuring your water is always tasty, healthy and as pure as can be.

The easy, environmental solution

A dedicated inline water filter system is the easiest way to enjoy filtered tap water. No more refilling water jugs. No separate tap required. And no constantly having to change filter cartridges or remember when they need to be changed.

And when you only use one cartridge per year you not only save time and money…you also save the environment, because you’re simply using less stuff, less often.

Never run out of filtered water again

If you’ve fallen in love with the taste of filtered water but your family’s outgrown your water filter jug, the best solution is to install an inline water filter system to your kitchen tap.

Because when you make it this easy to enjoy drinking water your family’s going to want to drink a lot more.

Pure, filtered, great-tasting water on tap 24/7, without having to constantly refill an unsightly water jug?

It’s a no-brainer for your family’s health, teeth, waistlines and your wallet.

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