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What makes you smile makes us smile

Drinking pure, great-tasting water.

Feeling healthy, happy and hydrated.

Saving money and the environment.

At WFA, we get a kick out of providing a high-quality product that makes a huge difference to our customer’s lives…and delivering outstanding customer service to match.

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What makes you smile makes us smile
Why Drink Filtered Water?

Why Drink Filtered Water?

Water…we all have to drink it to survive.

But did you know that filtered drinking water from your tap is the tastiest, safest, healthiest, and least expensive way to enjoy your water?

At Water Filters Australia we offer a great tasting, healthy alternative to tap water…

…and an environmentally-friendly, convenient and affordable alternative to bottled water.

Find out why drinking WFA filtered water makes sense on so many levels.

Fast Flow. No Drilling Holes. No Plumber.

At WFA we make it easy for you to install, use and change our high quality, independently watermark approved systems.

You don’t need a separate tap (but you can have one if you want). You don’t need to drill into your bench. And you don’t need a plumber to change our cartridges. We remind you when you need to change your cartridge. And it’s as easy as changing a lightbulb.

We also make it easy to drink more water, because when water tastes this good you and your family will want to drink more.

Which is why our filters are good for your health, your teeth, your waistline, your wallet and the environment.

Ready to fall in love with the taste of water again?

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Fast Flow. No Drilling Holes. No Plumber.
Replacement Cartridges for Masters Products

Replacement Cartridges for Masters Products

Purchased one of our systems from a Masters Hardware store? No worries, after they close down we will continue to supply replacement cartridges for these systems.

Just ring our call centre on 1300 785 355 Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm or contact us and we’ll call you back.

Our Core Values


Our commitment to honesty and integrity means our customers and suppliers trust our products and rely on us to deliver


WFA filters not only provide you with a healthy alternative, and make you feel good, but they’re also better for our environment


We’re proud of our longstanding relationships with our customers, suppliers, and distributors, as well as our loyal team


WFA quality products are of the highest standard and independently certified to industry at the highest possible level


We pride ourselves on going above and beyond. Our outstanding call centre team are based in our Sydney office

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