Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

How filtered water makes your beverages better

The humble glass of water is full of possibility. We all know we should be drinking around 8 glasses a day and in the modern world there are so many things you can add to your water for a health – or a flavour – boost.

Whether you are enhancing your water with a vitamin or mineral supplement or simply looking to improve the flavour, filtered water is always the best base to start with.

Here we look at why filtered water is a winner to make your beverages better.

Happy young girl holding a glass with full of water


While you can buy many ready to drink kombuchas, there is nothing like making your own at home. The benefit of making it at home is that you know exactly what goes into it.

Kombucha is popular for its probiotic, gut-healing benefits. But if you are making your kombucha with regular tap water, you can actually negate some of the good that the kombucha is going.

Tap water contains a whole range of nasties and chemicals that can be damaging to your gut. Our water filtration systems remove those nasties so you have the best possible base from which to make your kombucha.

Lemon and ginger organic probiotic drink

Flavoured water

If you struggle to drink enough plain water, flavouring it with fruits and vegetables can be a great way to make it more palatable and provide you with a refreshing drink option.

But when you start with tap water, the chlorine in the water can often overpower the added natural flavours. Our water filters remove the chlorine from the water to give you the best tasting drinks.

If you have a Sodastream, or similar, a filtered water base will also give you a better tasting sparkling water to either drink plain or with added flavours.

Variety of flavoured water in small bottles

Tea and coffee

As is the case when you flavour water, if you are making tea or coffee then filtered water will give you a better tasting end result.

You might also be interested to know that our inline water filters also contain phosphate which inhibits the growth of lime scale in your kettle. Filtered water is all around good stuff!


Tea and coffee

Protein shakes and supplements

If you’re drinking protein shakes or other supplements, you’re doing so for your health. So it makes sense that you want the best possible base to start with.

Filtered water takes many of the nasties out of water, but leaves the good stuff in. That is, the dissolved minerals and salts which are beneficial to your health.

With filtered water you are getting maximum flavour with all of the good stuff!

Woman in sportswear drinking protein powder milkshake

Simple filtered water solutions

At Water Filters Australia we are all about making filtered water accessible and affordable for Australian households. You can browse our range of water filtration systems and start to experience the benefits of filtered water for your beverages.

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