Festive entertaining tips and recipes

Ham ordered? Tick. Presents bought. Tick? Christmas tree and decorations out of the garage? Tick. Christmas drinks ideas for the massive amount of entertaining ahead? Help!

The festive season will soon be upon us…

It’s a busy time of year and often it’s when we entertain the most. Whether you’ve extended family coming to stay or entertaining the neighbours, we’ve some festive recipes and drink ideas that will help save you time and money!

Of course, the key to successful entertaining is preparation… so start early!

1. Fizzy Filtered Water

If you haven’t one already, invest in a Sodastream. It’s worth it for the endless supply of fizzy water. Of course, your sparkling water will taste better if you use filtered water!

If you are entertaining the next day then a tip here is to fill your Sodastream bottles with filtered water straight from your inline water filter and put them in the fridge to chill overnight.

Just before your guests arrive, pop them in the Sodastream to add a bit of fizz. Then place the bottle on the dinner table for guests.

It’ll save you heaps of money on bottled water.

2. Plenty of Ice

Another essential preparation is to have enough ice!

On Christmas Eve fill your ice trays with filtered water so you have plenty of ice ready for Christmas drinks. Again, it will taste better if it’s made from filtered water but also if you use a covered ice tray. This is because the ice will be protected from the smells in the freezer which are often absorbed by the water which in turn affects the taste.

3. Jazz up Your Ice with Frozen Festive Ice Cubes

Forget the berry wreath pavlova this Christmas and go for a frozen berry ice option…

Festive ice cubes are another great idea if you’re entertaining. These are super easy to make and will be sure to impress your guests.

Just fill your ice trays with filtered water then add blueberries,  raspberries or sprigs of rosemary. Feel free to get creative here! Then put them in the freezer overnight. They’ll be ready to add to your guests drinks the next day. Prepare for plenty of compliments!

4. A Refreshing Non-alcoholic Drink before Dinner

We couldn’t mention a Christmas recipe without one from the master himself, Jamie Oliver.

Jamie’s pomegranate, ginger and lime flavoured water is a refreshing non-alcoholic Christmas drink, perfect for festive entertaining and tastes great with filtered water.

You’ll need half a pomegranate, 2cm of ginger and a lime. You’ll also need to have lots of ice ready…good job you were prepared earlier!

Check out the full recipe

5. An Endless Supply of Hot Drinks

Extended family coming to stay? Have you thought about the endless cups of tea and long overdue chats with relatives? Making those hot drinks is super fast and easy with a Hot/Cold Ambient instant water filter system. It’s quicker and cheaper than boiling a kettle… And a great alternative to the inline water filter if you entertain a lot.

6. The Perfect After Dinner Christmas Drink

Endless after dinner hot drinks are all well and good but it is Christmas after all. So how about a recipe for a hot drink with a festive twist?

Check out this nutmeg and orange coffee recipe from BBC Good Food.

Tips for the Big Day

Finally make sure you drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink you consume and have an extra glass of water when you go to bed…you’ll thank us for saving you a Boxing Day hangover!

And if you want to really mix it up this year why not skip the cookies and milk and leave Santa a glass of refreshing filtered water on Christmas Eve… delivering all those presents is thirsty work!

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