The benefits of an RV water filter in your caravan

Imagine an endless summer…

Hitting the open road with your caravan or RV for new adventures…

It’s a wonderful feeling of freedom to go where the will takes you…with your home comforts…just stopping where your heart desires…

But often when you do stop for supplies the water quality away from home just isn’t the same.

And if you’ve been travelling for a while, the water in your RV tank can become unhealthy… especially if algae forms in your holding tanks and pipes. This can become a health risk to you and your family…and suddenly your dream holiday becomes a nightmare!


There are many benefits to having a water filter installed while you travel.

The WFA Eco Inline System is the first of its kind. It fits neatly under your sink and works with your existing tap.  The system includes 12 mm quick connect fittings. It’s easy to install and connects directly inline onto the 12 mm cold water tube connecting to the main mixer tap. And filters all the cold water to your kitchen sink.

This means you can drink it, cook with it, even wash your veggies in it!

It also removes dirt, dust and chlorine and includes the same KDF filter media.

The beauty of choosing this system is that it’s compact. So no need for a separate tap.

The only requirement is that if you are using water remotely, you’ll need pump supported water tanks in your van.

WFA Eco Regular Traveller System – This is a filter with separate little tap. It filters down to 1 micron and removes dirt, dust and chlorine. But the great addition to this filter is something called KDF.

KDF is a filter media within the system which prevents bacterial growth. So bacteria cannot grow in your filter system. This is excellent in an RV because often they are not used all the time.

This RV water filter also has something called ‘back flow prevention’. So the contaminants in the cartridge can’t flow back into the cold water distribution system in the van.

Storage and Weight

When you are travelling for months on end, there’s always the issue of storage and weight. Large water bottles can be heavy and difficult to store.

As the WFA RV water filters are small and compact, you can afford to carry a few spare replacement cartridges too!


Bottled water can be very expensive and then there’s the issue of plastic waste and recycling.

With a WFA water filter the daily cost is less than 1 cent a litre and no need to worry about getting rid of big bottles…especially useful if you’re off the beaten track.


The convenience of having fresh, filtered drinking water on the road means you can relax and enjoy your adventure at every stop. You can set it and forget it –  as the filter cartridge won’t need to be changed for a year (depending on water quality).

It’s one less thing to worry about when you are away from home.

So you can get on and enjoy your next adventure…wherever it may take you!

Happy Travels!

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