How to choose the best water filter for your family

If you’re considering investing in a water filtration system…you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best water filter for your needs. To help with the process, we’ve come up with five key questions to ask yourself…

  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • How much bench space do I have?
  • How much water pressure do I require? For example, do I need a fast flow rate because I’m using filtered water for other things, like washing vegetables?
  • What am I going to do with filtered water? Am I going to just drink it or use it for hot drinks and cooking?
  • The size of my family – How many people are going to use it?

Of course one of the cheapest and simplest water filter systems on the market is the water filter jug. It does the job but you are going to do very little else with it, other than use it for a glass of water.

Only want filtered water some of the time?

The next step up is a dedicated water filter tap system.

This is the best water filter option if you only want to use filtered water some of the time.

A slimline tap sits near your kitchen mixer tap and you only use it when you want filtered water.

Perfect for a small family who really only drink filtered water.

If you don’t want a separate dedicated tap but still want the choice of filtered water only when you want it…

…then a 3 Way Mixer Tap system is slightly more expensive but a great option.

One tap system provides hot, cold and filtered water on demand.

There’s a separate lever for filtered water and the water filter cartridge is installed under your kitchen bench.

A very neat solution for the minimalist, modern kitchen.

Fast Flowing Filtered Water for all your Kitchen Needs..

If flow rate is important to you and you want to have fast flowing filtered water on tap for cooking, washing vegetables, in your kettle and even for ice cubes in your G & T- the best water filter for that job is the WFA Inline filter.

There’s no need for a dedicated tap, you just use your existing tap and the system fits neatly under your bench top.

This is also one of the best water filtration systems for people with under-mount sinks or granite bench tops as there’s no need to drill a hole for a dedicated tap.

You can choose any tap system or use your existing tap. And with water flow that’s 4 times faster than traditional water filter systems, you’ll soon be using filtered water for absolutely everything…the family will love you for it, even the pets!

Large family?

If you’ve a large family or entertain a lot, you may want to consider an WFA Duo Hot and Cold Filtered Water system.

It’s an affordable compact system that delivers hot, steaming filtered water on demand for your morning tea.

It’s quicker and cheaper than boiling a kettle with a capacity of 60 cups an hour. And ideal for dinner parties and blanching vegetables.

Filtered Water for Your Bathroom

Once you’ve got your kitchen sorted and you’re loving your great tasting filtered water…

You might want to look at the rest of your home.

How about fresh filtered water from your bathroom tap?

Yes there is a filter for that…And it’s not only great for drinking but there are many advantages to using chlorine-free filtered water on your face and hair. Say hello to hydration and the WFA Vanity system.

This high performance system uses the latest carbon block technology to remove sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odours. It leaves in fluoride and other healthy minerals to protect your teeth.

So all your bathroom needs are sorted too and soon people will be asking your secret.

Shhhh..don’t tell them! Well, go on then…

Whatever your situation, WFA have the right water filter for the job and the best water filter for you!

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