How to boost your productivity while working from home

Those water cooler conversations that happen in an office aren’t just good for making quick decisions and connecting with your colleagues… they are important for your health!

But what happens when you are working from home? Zoom is there for the conversation part… and we’re here with some tips for bringing some of the conveniences of the workplace into your home environment. It’s all about creating a functional and comfortable home office to boost your productivity and help you prioritise your wellbeing.

Create a home office space... even if it’s only a corner

While working from home can be convenient… if you don’t have the right setup, the distractions around your home can take over making it challenging to meet your work goals and deadlines.

The trick is to create a designated working space in your home… even if it is only a small corner space with a desk and chair, it will make a huge difference to your being able to create a separation between work and home.

Creating this separation is great for mental health and for being ready to go into “work mode”. You’ll know you can switch on to work the minute you sit at that desk… and switch off when you leave it.

Stick to important rituals

Working in your pyjamas is often the work from home dream… but when you are doing it every day, it becomes more of a bad habit than a perk of the job.

Rituals are a really important part of life. They help us to ease ourselves into different gears, especially in the morning. Whether it is getting up early to go for a walk or reading the paper over a coffee once you are dressed for work, stick to those rituals even when you are working from home. Then, by the time you are at your desk, you’ll be firing on all cylinders and ready to tackle your workload.

Reviving your work rituals, and sticking to them, will help you get mentally and emotionally ready to switch gears… and improve your productivity in the process.

Drink lots of water

Heading to the office kitchen to get a glass of water from the water filter tap is often as much about ritual and socialising as it is about hydration. But often, that is one area that is neglected while working from home… which in turn saps your energy and affects your productivity.

Drinking lots of water – eight or more glasses a day – is essential. And the benefits of staying hydrated are numerous – you’ll be healthier and have better energy levels throughout the day.

We all know that filtered water tastes better than tap water, so if it’s the taste of your water at home that’s stopping you from drinking your eight glasses a day, a home water filter will help. Not only will you have the same access as you do in your office, but you’ll be drinking water that is free from odours and impurities… and you’ll love every drop.

Take breaks and make sure you move

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? We’ve been too busy to take a proper lunch break, or to get up and stretch in between tasks. That’s okay occasionally, but when it becomes routine… we suffer. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Just like creating your “getting ready to work” rituals, make taking breaks part of your work from home routine. And when you take a break, use the opportunity to move around. You can stretch, you can do a quick online yoga session, you can go for a brisk, short walk…

…and stay hydrated by taking your reusable bottle full of filtered water with you.

Moving and remaining hydrated creates better oxygen flow in your blood and pumps energy through your body. So you’ll be refreshed and energised, and therefore ready to tackle all those work challenges.

Install a hot and cold water filter

One of the great things about working in an office is having an instant supply of boiling hot water for your tea and coffee… and refreshing cold water from a water filter.

Being able to make that quick cuppa, without wasting time waiting for a kettle to boil, and get back to what you were doing, does help with keeping you focused on the task at hand.

The great news is that it’s really easy to install a hot and cold water filter at home… and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. At Water Filters Australia, we have made it our mission to supply you and your family with all the conveniences and healthy opportunities that a water filtration system provides.

When you install our Duo Hot & Cold Filtered Water Dispenser, you have instant access to hot and cold water… that is filtered. So it not only tastes great, it’s good for you because it’s minus all the nasties you usually get from your unfiltered tap water.

We have an incredible range of water filters and water filtration systems to suit all requirements, so contact us to discuss your needs today.

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